L’Oreal Colour Riche Extraordinaire Purple Prelude

L’Oreal’s new line of high shine liquid lipsticks, Colour Riche Extraordinaire, promise smooth, pigmented and glossy lips thanks in part, to the “precious micro oils” they contain. I took it upon myself to find out if they would live up to their claims! Tough job, I know. My first challenge was choosing which of the 16 shades to test. From nude, to red, there is most likely a color everyone will gravitate towards. Personally, I like purple lips a lot right now.

I chose Purple Prelude 403. Darker than lavender, and brighter than mauve, Purple Prelude looked like a good choice for me. The Colour Riche Extraordinaire lip colors retail just under $10. I scored mine free, thanks to my CVS Extra Bucks!

The lip glosses are housed in a gold tube with a clear area to view the shade. It took me a minute to figure out how to open the tube (Come on now, I can’t be the only one…). It looks like lipstick so I was pulling when I should have been twisting…anyhow…

The applicator is soft and a bit fuzzy, to grab plenty of product. I did not detect any scent or taste. The formula is thick, but not sticky. It feels very moisturizing and appears quite smooth. I loved the glassy reflective shine.
The first hour of wear my lips still felt smooth and moisturized. I would consider this a cross between a lip butter and a lip gloss. There was a bit of fading during the first hour, but I would consider the Colour Riche Extraordinaire to last longer than a standard lip gloss. My lips, which are always thirsty, felt comfortable and moisturized.
Despite the bright, rich pigments, it will not leave you with a stain effect. I was a little bummed about this, but that’s just because I’m lazy about re applying. L’Oreal does not make any claims that this is a staining product.

I am planning on trying other shades (for research, you know!). I would highly recommend these hybrid lipgloss/lip butter beauties. Have you tried the L’Oreal Colour Riche Extraordinaires? I’d love to hear if you have or if you plan to!
xo Amber
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    • daydreamingbeauty says

      Miranda, I haven’t tried the Color Elixirs yet. I am really tempted to, but I really dislike the taste of the regular Maybelline lip glosses. I’m not sure if the Elixirs have the same taste!

  1. Lisa Chakan says

    I love the “stained effect” Amber, so I’m kinda bummed too. On me, glosses disappear so rapidly…what with sipping water through a straw all day, the stuff hasn’t a chance on my pucker! Pretty color, though! REALLY pretty color.

  2. Kelly says

    Hey, I’m from your SITS tribe :) Love this colour & I’m surprised that I haven’t actually tried any of these out yet. This shade looks like a great place to start though :)


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