Valentine’s Day Manicure


For my festive and EASY   Valentine’s Day Manicure, I started with OPI’s Red Hot Rio and Kiss Me, I’m Brazilian. Using a dotting tool, I placed white dots on one nail, and white dots and pink dots (with Kiss Me, I’m Brazilian) on another nail.
Using Washi Tape and heart paper punch, I made a stencil of sorts for the hearts.

The silver on my ring finger is Orly Nail Polish Tiara . Add a topcoat, and you have an easy Valentine’s Day manicure that anyone can do!! Do you have any special Valentine’s plans?

xo Amber



  1. Nicki Zevola says

    Really cute ideas! …And to answer your question above, I didn’t have Valentine’s Day plans, but after viewing the cute ideas on all of the other beauty blogs, I think I’m going to take the afternoon off from work and try a lot of new ideas I think might be attractive. We’ll see.

  2. Liz Chakan says

    This reminds me of Minnie Mouse! I’m a sucker for a nice dotticure anyways, but mix it with nostalgia and I’m sold!


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