Haul – Gelish 75% off at Sally’s!!

I had really good luck last week when I went into Sally’s for polish remover.
They are having there normal post holiday sale, but I also stumbled on some Gelish polishes that were an additional 50% off the already lowered price. I love a bargain!!

Gelish is my absolute favorite at home gel nail polish. I’ve only tried a few other brands, BUT Gelish is by far the most consistent formula, has opaque dark colors and is super durable.

Holiday gift pack contains Queen of Hearts, which is the only color I’ve tried so far. It’s a gorgeous Merlot shade with subtle shimmer. It was opaque in 2 coats, but I did three to be safe. It’s holding up very well so far. Also in this package is Izzy Wizzy, Let’s get Busy. This is a sparkly shimmer meant for layering. I think it’s pinkish lavender, but I’m not certain.

The other colors are Cocktail Party Drama (I think this is deep purple),
Take Action (medium pink cream) and Cashmere Kind of Gal (gray, looks like a cream).
One thing about gel polish is the colors do change slightly once you cure them.

What’s your favorite gel brand and color?

NOTD – Gelish Queen of Hearts

I am fairly sure this isn’t a new Gelish shade, but it’s new to me!
Gelish Queen of Hearts is a stunning deep warm red (Merlot?) with subtle shimmer.
I feel very classy and lady like wearing it!
The formula was great. I had a nice opaque look with two coats, but decided to add a third as I usually do.
I have a few more new Gelish polishes to try out in the next few weeks, so stay tuned for more NOTD posts! And if you *need* some Gelish, now is a great time to hit Sally Beauty Supply. I got these polishes for 75%! :)