Strange Invisible Perfumes Review of “Rose with a Broken Neck”

For all my fellow perfume lovers out there, have you toed into the mysterious world of niche perfumes? I can never have enough scents to try. I am fascinated by ingredients, notes, elements, the ART of scent. I love it!! The thrill of finding my new favorite scent is addicting, for me at least. It’s such a pleasure to discover new perfume artisians, and get to know the nose behind the art.

I recently had the pleasure of winning a drawing for a sample of Strange Invisible Perfumes lovely creation called “Rose with a Broken Neck.”

This was my first experience with Strange Invisible Perfumes. All SI Perfumes are certified organic, hydro-distilled essences. They are designed and bottled in California. They are certainly a company I am proud to support!


The notes in this masterpiece are rose, Tahitian vanilla, nutmeg, palo santo, vetiver and white cognac.


Here are my thoughts on Rose with a Broken Neck.

I immediately get a sharp, wet rose upon first dab. It very quickly warms up, and I sense something earthy but not green and not soil either. I would describe the perfume as fuzzy at this point. I get an almost citrus fizziness from it. After about thirty minutes, I get a hint of soil. Not in a bad way whatsoever, just a rich, earthy whiff. Soon, the scent is blended so perfectly together I can imagine all the components swirling together, no specific beginning or end. There is also a hint of watery-ness. This is the scent that stays with me until 3 hours later, at which I have a faded watery rose scent on my wrist. It’s a lovely scent, and I am anxious to try more from
Strange Invisible Perfumes!


Have you tried anything from SI Perfumes? Have you ventured into the world of niche fragrance? I love to talk scent, so let me know your favorites in the comments! :)

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*item won in a drawing from Cafleurebon

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