Glam Glow Mask Review

Never has one skin care product changed my skin so quickly, and easily! No applying nightly, waiting weeks or months to see results. Nope, you will see and feel immediate results with this little gem!!

The Glam Glow Mud is said to be a “facial in a jar”, to which I would agree! It contains volcanic minerals and volcanic rock, French sea clay, green tea leaf and chamomile, among other ingredients your skin will thank you for.


Here is how I use the Glam Glow mask, which differs slightly from the directions. I use it twice a week, on freshly cleansed skin. I use a clean q-tip to stir the mask gently as I find it separates  a bit  in the jar. It dries quickly, so I use the q-tip to  dab and spread the mask on my face. There are bits of green tea leaves which look odd when they dry on your face.  

Directions state to leave on for 10-15 minutes, I usually leave it on for about 20. Don’t wash it right off, but wet your finger tips and very gently massage the mask in circles on your face and neck. Rinse the mask off and follow up with serum and moisturizer. Your skin will be softer than ever and just glow!


Have you tried the Glam Glow mask? What did you think? Let me know your favorite pampering skin care mask or treatment in the comments!

For more info on Glam Glow Mud, click here Glam Glow



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