Review – Undergreen Perfumes White

In this months Olfactif box, there was a fragrance from the nature seeking creative perfumers at Undergreen. Their aim is to get back to (natural) basics and introduce people to the beauty of all natural scent.


White’s notes consist of an all natural blend of organically derived aldehydes (most commonly from citrus zest), white mint, coconut, orange blossom, jasmine, yang-ylang, orris butter, amyris wood and tuberose.


I found this scent to be surprisingly mellow and easy to wear. I can go either way with white floral blends. The aldehydes and mint give the scent a bit of sparkle, while the orange blossom, jasmine, amyris wood and tuberose add a hint of sensuality. Orris butter (from the iris root) adds some staying power to the fragrance. It is a luxe addition to the scent, and acts almost as a natural preservative as it strengthens the other botanical notes.


I would definitely give Undergreen’s White a try if you haven’t delved into the niche perfume world yet, but would like a unique, yet not too “out there” perfume. There’s a great interview with one of the noses behind Undergreen, Patrice Cardenoso, at Olfactif here.

Have you tried anything from Undergreen? They also have Black, Gold and Pink fragrances. Personally, I’d love to try them all, but Pink sounds like it was made for me! :)

xo Amber

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