Crete Beauty Haul

I wasn’t lucky enough to go to Crete, but my Dad was there for business last week. I was THRILLED when he stopped in New Hampshire on his way back to Alaska over the weekend. He is a huge supporter of my blog, and means the world to me! You guys…he brought me all kinds of beauty goodies from his trip and asked if they’d be on the blog!! How sweet is he?! So, here’s what is included in my Crete beauty haul!

First up are some amazing fresh pure essential oils. I haven’t done anything with these yet, but I have all kinds of things in mind! These are pure essential oils, they need to be combined with a carrier oil (like my avocado oil)  before they are applied directly to the skin. I have oils of Geranium, Lavender, Patchouli and Myrtle.

essential oils from Crete

Lappa Avocado

Lappa Avocado Oil

The Lappa-Avocado brand is the only Greek beauty line that’s raw material (the avocado oil) is state certified organic. Avocado oil is loaded with vitamins and anti oxidants to help fight free radicals. In other words, the oil is a natural anti-aging treatment! Avocado oil also contains Omega 3 fatty acids, which are great for dry skin (or any skin type really!) I’ve also read about avocado oil being great for stimulating collagen production, useful in speeding up wound healing, and making a great scalp massage oil.

I have only sampled the products so far, so I can’t give a full review. I can tell you I am enjoying the scents, texture and moisture from my Lappa Avocado beauty products! Have you heard of this brand before? What about essential oils, have you used them? I used to use them often, when I did DIY Beauty.

I’d love to hear your hard to find beauty favorites, or anything else you’d like to share in the comments below!