BeautiControl Product Review

I recently won a contest on another blog, and had the opportunity to try some BeautiControl Spa products! I haven’t tried this brand before, and I am happy to have been introduced to it!

I was sent the Sugar Blossom body wash, Warming Trend Green Tea masque and Detox Spa clay masque.

The sugar blossom body wash is thick and moisturizing. It has a very soft and feminine scent, really lovely! It reminds me of something that I can’t quite put my finger on… The scent lingers softly for a couple of hours after use. It’s quite concentrated, you won’t need much! I’ve been meaning to try it as a bubble bath too.

The warming trend green tea masque is unlike any skin care product I’ve tried! After you cleanse your face, massage this mask in for a minute or two. It actually warms up on your skin! My face was super soft and pampered after using this. I like that this mask has so many natural ingredients and extracts.

I saved the best for last! I LOVE the detox clay masque! I use this at least once a week to keep my skin unclogged. It’s the least drying clay masque I’ve ever come across! I love the smell too. It’s clay-like and earthy to my nose. I have very dry skin this winter and the fact that this doesn’t dry me out is a miracle! This mask also has a good amount of natural ingredients and extracts.

Thank you Erin, for introducing me to BeautiControl! Please have a look at Erin’s BeautiControl website, and her blog! I’m sure she’d be happy to answer any questions you have about BeautiControl products!



Erin’s Blog


xo Amber



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