Friday Favorites

Happy Valentine’s Day loves! Any special plans today? I’m snowed in with the kids (again), but if the roads are better hubby and I hope to get out to dinner tonight. I’m really looking forward to getting out! I haven’t done Friday Favorites in a while. I thought it would be great to be able to mention some products I’ve been loving lately, that I haven’t had a chance to review.

First up is Beautisol Dark Self Tan Lotion.  Sort of a cheat, because this is always on my favorites list! It just can’t be beat to give your winter skin a healthy glow! I’ve been using self-tanner on my face all the time lately. I find that it really evens out my complexion. I have some hyper-pigmentation that is taking forever to fade, and Beautisol evens my skin out so I don’t have to pile on too much concealer and foundation. My favorite way to apply Beautisol to my face, chest and hands is with my ELF Studio flat top powder brush. It’s so easy, and turns out flawless everytime! Do you ever use a makeup brush to apply self tanner?

I’ve been using Hada Labo Anti Aging Hydrator with Super Hyaluronic Acid most days, post toning, pre face cream. It’s given my dry skin the extra little boost it needed in our super cold and windy weather.  I purchased this at ULTA. You can use your coupons on it, and it goes on sale relatively often.

Another skin care line I’ve been testing is from Racinne USA. Relatively new to the US, this Korean skin care line contains the best ingredients and formulas, at what I consider to be a very reasonable price. I know looks aren’t everything, but I do really love the packaging! The jars have a pearly glow to them, and a luxe feel. I have been using two products from the Ultimate Hydra Perfection line, the Essentialift Supplement Serum and the Advanced Luminous Gel. Both have given my skin an immediate moisture boost and glow. I was pleased to see such immediate results! While I find them both to be moisturizing, the formulas are quite light and would also be great on skin that isn’t dry like mine.

Victoria’s Secret Cleansing Bath & Shower Oil in Passion Struck is a new shower gel-oil hybrid. I’d describe it as a lightly foaming bath oil. I can’t tell you how much I love this! It’s making my dry skin very happy! The Passion Struck scent is Fuji Apple and Vanilla. It’s nice and not over powering at all.

I’ve professed my love for Hask hair care before, and this week I’ve been testing the Keratin Protein line. I love the shampoo, conditioner and deep conditioning mask. The Smoothing Shine Oil is wonderful. It’s a light oil that doesn’t weight my hair down a bit. I use it after my shower, then again after I flat iron to smooth the ends.

Last, and certainly not least is the Lemon and Cream Hair & Body mist from be Delectable. I absolutely love every.single.product in the be Delectable line. You can find be Delectable at Kohl’s.

Have you tried any of these favorites of mine? I’d love to hear what you are loving this week!

xo Amber

“Hi! I’m Oliver, and sometimes I’m too helpful!”

*some products sent for honest review*

Make Your New Year Glow, With Beautisol!

Beautisol products are hands down my favorite for maintaining a year round healthy glow. By a healthy glow, I mean that in the winter I look dead if I don’t use my Beautisol. No lie.

My pre-Beautisol tan routine involves using the Hammam Deep Exfoliating Mitt and the Excrub Me? citrus face exfoliant.

My favorite self tanner is the Medium Self-Tanning Mousse for Body with Pure Scent Technology. This super fast drying tinted mousse works perfectly, even if I am in a hurry! It’s a breeze to apply with the Beautisol applicator mitt. I have to mention the scent, because no one likes that baked smell so many self tanners will give you. Beautisol’s self tanners contain Pure Scent technology, so you will not stink while you’re getting your glow on!!

If you prefer a lotion over a mousse formula, the dark self tanning lotion is fabulous! Beautisol’s Tea Tan Glow is a product unlike any bronzer I’ve tried. It’s not a self tanner, but a wash off bronzer with tea extracts. It leaves a lovely golden olive glow, with no scent. It doesn’t transfer to clothes either!My favorite way to apply is with my flat top blending brush from ELF’s studio line. I even use this on my face, under my makeup. It looks flawless every time!

Now that you have no excuse for looking pasty this winter, go get your Beautisol Glow on!!

Happy New Year, and much love!!
XOXO Amber

Beautisol Medium Self Tanning Mousse

My favorite self tanner line by far, is Beautisol. I have tried and love the dark tanning lotion, the Tea Tan Glow, and now the Self Tanning Mousse. Why do I love it so much? It dries super fast, the tan lasts and lasts, and it’s EASY! It’s really quite fool proof with the guide color and fast dry time. Did I mention it also has Beautisol’s Pure Scent Technology? You won’t smell that awful baked self tanned skin smell! It gives a nice deep olive glow. I prefer to apply it with the foam applicator mitt but gloves work well too.


Have you tried Beautisol? What was your favorite product from the Beautisol Sunless Tanner line?


Items provided for review via iFabbo