Doctor On Demand review

This is a sponsored post with Mums The Word Network and Doctor On Demand. All opinions are my own. Doctor On DemandIn a perfect world, we would all have equal access to doctors, great insurance coverage, and no healthcare worries. But here in America, there are a large majority of us that have little or no health insurance coverage, don’t have easy access to a doctor and so on.Doctor On Demand AppWhen I heard about Doctor On Demand, I knew I had to give it a try. I downloaded the app on my phone and iPad, made a same day appointment and entered my free code and boom. I was done.
Real Doctors, a real appointment. From your home or office. How convenient is that?! You can get help with anything from allergies to an ear infection in your child, they even have mental health specialists.
Video Visits are typically $40 per session, but this month is First Visit Free February. By using my special code, beauty15, you can receive a free session. Once you visit Doctor On Demand, and answer a few questions, you can enter the code and be connected to a board certified physician, psychologist, or lactation consultants via your smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer.
Your appointment will last approximately 15 minutes, and there’s no waiting room downtime. That’s a huge plus. I can already tell you if I am home with a sick kiddo, I will be using Doctor On Demand, rather than dragging them out to the pediatricians office filled with sick kiddos.

I recently tested out the service myself, since my allergies have been horrendous this winter. I felt very comfortable with my Doctor (who was right on time for our video visit!), and felt like he was knowledgeable, professional, and personal. He ruled out a sinus infection,  had some suggestions and even prescribed me a medication to help with my allergies. I came away from my appointment feeling much more satisfied than a normal doctor visit. I can’t recommend Doctor On Demand highly enough. I will most definitely be using the service again, the next time I need a doctor’s appointment for myself or my kids! I’d love to hear your experience if you give the free offer a try!

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    This sounds really cool!