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Blogging sometimes makes me crazy…

I recently switched from blogger to a self hosted word press blog. I absolutely LOVE wordpress!
I am by no means an expert at blogging, html code and computers. WordPress is so much more user friendly and just all around easier! The aspect of blogging that I love is sharing things that I love! I love trying new products and learning about what works for me, and what doesn’t. I love the interaction with other bloggers, and learning about new products, seeing pictures and swatches. The technical aspect of blogging makes me stressed, and beyond frustrated!

I can be trying to do the most simple task in blog design or layout, but it can seem insurmountable. There is endless information on the internet that is outdated or just doesn’t work as far as blogging tips and tricks. I thought I would add some simple things that I’ve figured out how to do. If you are an experienced blogger, this will be something I’m sure you’ve already figured out. But just maybe, if I help a few people that are like me and not very computer literate, my frustration in figuring this out will be worth it!

Another blogger that I follow created some really adorable social media icons. You can download them at her blog here 15 Minute Beauty

First, you’ll want to save those images to your computer. Following is how I added them to my WordPress blog. Add the images you wish to use to your media library in WordPress.

-Create a new post
-Click “add media”
-add images from the media library
-click image within post to edit
-clear the link/url field and paste a direct link to your social media account that corresponds with the icon you are downloading.

Now, go back to your unpublished post and click from “visual” to “text.”
-Copy this html code
-Go to appearance - widgets - text box and drag to the spot on the right that you want your icons to appear.
-click on the text box and add a title
-paste the html code in the box below your title
-go to your blog page and verify that the icons work

That’s it!! I know, it sounds so easy, but it took me a while to figure out how to do it!
I’d love to hear your favorite blog tips!

xo Amber

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