Break the Routine with Secret ClearGel

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I’m pretty sure we’ve all had a White Marks Fail moment, haven’t we?! I know I had one recently. I’m almost embarrassed to share…but I will!

Obviously, it’s tank top season because it’s 90 billion degrees around here. My ten year old son said to me one day (bless his little unfiltered mouth…), “MOM! Why do you have kitty litter in your armpits?!” He was mortified. I looked at my underarms and noticed my deodorant had pilled up in the crease and sure enough, looked like kitty litter. I was mortified. Aaaaaaand that is when I switched to Secret Outlast Clear Gel. It goes on clear, so I don’t have any white striped shirts, AND stays clear and keeps me dry for 48 hours!

We all know how important having a good quality, hard-working deodorant is in the summer, right? Well…keeping odor and wetness at bay is only half of the battle. Have you ever noticed your shirts having white streaks and stains on them? Yeah - that’s embarrassing!



Secret has a hilarious “First Date Disaster” video that is sure to make you laugh!! I know I’ve been guilty of leaving white marks on someone after a hug! Just say NO to kitty litter pits! So, tell me your embarrassing deodorant story!


  1. Marjorie says

    Haha, that’s like my main problem each morning when I rush out of the house. I get deodorant stains all over my shirts. Thanks for the advice I’ll make sure I check them out next I go to my local drugstore :) Have you heard of Vain Pursuits btw? Been wondering what exactly they’re about !

    • says

      Yes I have heard of Vain Pursuits! I actually heard from them a few months ago, filled out the questionnaire and am hoping to review their skin care at some point. It sounds like a great new service, if you love skin care as much as I do!

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