Review & Rave - Artisan Naturals

I recently won a contest on Beauty Info Zone for 2 Artisan Naturals Luxury Skin & Body Care products. I haven’t tried this line before, but I was super intruiged! My skin is super dry and sensitive, and having lots of allergies the all natural aspect really appealed.

I was send the Verbena Blossom Anti-Oxidant Body Lotion and the Verbena Blossom Hydrating Body Scrub. I was immediately impressed with the super fast shipping from Stephanie, Artisian’s founder. The smell is devine as well!

My 6oz bottle of Body Lotion will last for a while. This stuff is really concentrated! It’s well scented too. I can still smell it on my skin a whole day after applying! It absorbed easily and left me soft and moisturized, but not greasy. To me, the scent is calming and a perfect post bath/before bed moisturizer.

The hydrating body scrub….WOW….this is sooooo amazing!! It’s not an oily scrub, but it is incredibly moisturizing. Shea butter is the 3rd ingredient! My dry skin loves shea butter! The combination of scent and texture really left me feeling energized. What a nice pick me up for the dead of winter!

I am truly greatful to Stephanie at Artisan Naturals and Marcia and Lisa of Beauty Info Zone
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Friday faves - shower edition

EOS Shave cream in Vanilla Bliss. (If you are familiar with BPAL perfumes, this reminds me of Snow White! Gorgeous!)

Artisan Naturals Verbena Blossom hydrating body scrub - so refreshing and love the ingredients! Shea butter is #3 on the list!!

Old school Clairol herbal essences - the scent takes me right back to high school!

Beauti Control warming trend green tea mask - love this! It heats up as you massage it in your skin!

Suave Moroccan infusion shine mask - my hair and scalp love this heavy duty conditioner. It smells almost exactly like the real Moroccanoil conditioner!

What are you loving this week?

xo Amber