Friday Favorites

Derm Organic, Dove Winter Care & Big Sexy Hair Power Play

Derm Organic, Dove Winter Care & Powder Play

Happy Friday!! It’s always so hard to just choose a few items that I’ve been loving during the week.
Hair care has been a priority lately. I color my hair at home, and have been for a long time. This month I went from dark to light blonde, and then to brunette. Obviously, my hair is more fragile than normal at the moment. Derm Organic is a wonderful discovery that I heard about thru fellow beauty bloggers. I have been using the conditioning shampoo, intensive repair masque and leave in treatment. This is hands down THE BEST natural/sulfate free line there is. It’s gentle, moisturizing, it doesn’t strip my color, and every product I’ve tried from the line lives up to expectation. My scalp is super sensitive to some hair products, but I’ve never had a problem with anything from Derm Organic.

A little tip, if you have dry hair like me, you may want to add a squirt of the repair masque to the ends as a leave in conditioner. It won’t make your hair greasy, or weigh it down. The leave in treatment is a wonderful protectant from heat styling. That doesn’t weigh my hair down at all either. I put about a nickel size dab throughout my hair before blow drying. Sometimes I add a bit more after I straighten my hair to add shine and smoothness.

Powder Play from big sexy hair is such an odd product. You sprinkle the powder on your roots (I tip my head upside down) and rub into your scalp/root area. It thickens and almost behaves like a dry pomade. It gives loads of volume that lasts! This is truly a wonder product for someone with thick, heavy hair like me. I haven’t found a product that gives me volume like the powder play.

I have been so dry and itchy lately, all over. I swear by my Dove Winter Care body wash. It’s so thick and creamy, it’s like cleansing lotion. I also have the winter care bar soap, but this gives me longer lasting moisture.

What are you loving this week? Happy Spring!! It’s finally starting to feel it here in New England!


Friday faves - shower edition

EOS Shave cream in Vanilla Bliss. (If you are familiar with BPAL perfumes, this reminds me of Snow White! Gorgeous!)

Artisan Naturals Verbena Blossom hydrating body scrub - so refreshing and love the ingredients! Shea butter is #3 on the list!!

Old school Clairol herbal essences - the scent takes me right back to high school!

Beauti Control warming trend green tea mask - love this! It heats up as you massage it in your skin!

Suave Moroccan infusion shine mask - my hair and scalp love this heavy duty conditioner. It smells almost exactly like the real Moroccanoil conditioner!

What are you loving this week?

xo Amber

Friday skincare faves

I love my Boots skin care!! Here in the US, you can purchase the Boots line at ULTA or Target.

To purchase Boots no 7 skincare online click here Boots no 7 skin care

My skin is on the dry, sensitive side. My main skincare concerns are my dryness, preventing breakouts, anti aging and lightening some old acne scarring.

I picked up the protect and perfect eye cream, lip cream and Advanced Hydration day fluid for around $3 at ULTA on clearance. What a steal!!
I love them all! Lately I have been using the day fluid instead of a foundation primer. It’s silicone based, and works well for this purpose.

The hand cream was also on clearance at ULTA. I love this, but like some other Boots products, it has a strong perfume. However, I personally don’t have a problem with the scent, and my skin doesn’t seem to mind either!

The two glass jars are Protect and Perfect day cream and night cream. I adore the night cream! It’s quite rich and soothing. I use it most every night, after I apply my Retin A. The day cream, I’m not as crazy about. It’s a nice texture and lightweight for use under foundation. It has an SPF 20, which is great! My problem s that when I wear it under foundation, it makes me very shiny. I don’t even have oily skin. For me, it’s not enough moisture for overnight use.