NOTD:Gelish Cashmere Kind of Gal w/ Revlon Girly

So, I had a great idea in my head to do a funky french with Gelish Cashmere Kind of Gal (Gray creme) as my base. I didn’t like the gray on me. My hands are so pale, and are red and easily irritated in winter. It just didn’t look pretty!

I plugged on, doing a french tip with scotch tape and Wet’n'Wild Black creme. Ehhhhh…Still not good. So I put a thin silver sparkly line under the black tip, using Milani’s nail art polish. Still not a fan….

So, I cut them down to nubs, put 2 coats of Revlon Girly over the Gelish Cashmere Kind of Gal. NOW I’m happy! :)

And thanks MOM, for finding me the Girly all the way on the other side of the country! LOVE YA!!

xo Amber