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If you’ve been a reader of my blog for anytime at all, you will know that I treasure unique fragrances. I have found Lisa Hoffman Beauty to be a truly unique fragrance experience! I have been wearing my Lisa Hoffman Swarovski Elements Pearl Collection bracelet SO much lately! It’s gorgeous, and perfect for day to day, or dressing up. Not only does this gorgeous bracelet have Swarovski pearls, but it also has a beautiful filigree charm that contains wooden fragrance beads! Perfume AND lovely feminine jewelry? Genius!!

My choice of fragrance was Tuscan Fig, which has a top note of vanilla bean, a heart of fig and base notes of honeysuckle, coconut wood and gardenia. It’s the perfect fragrance for me, sweet with a hint of sexy!


Lisa Hoffman also offers these other fragrances: Madagascar Orchid, Tunisian Neroli, French Clary Sage, and Japanese Agarwood. There are a variety of fragrance products to choose from and also beautiful scented jewelry. There is most definitely something for everyone on the Lisa Hoffman Beauty website!

Have you tried anything from Lisa Hoffman? I’m curious about the other scents in the line. I think I will be getting a mix of scents when I need more wooden beads for my bracelet! :)

xo Amber

Please visit Lisa Hoffman Beauty to see all the beautiful options for unique fragrance and jewelry. Find your perfect Lisa Hoffman Beauty fragrance with iScentify.

*pr sample for consideration. 100% honest review as always!
image credit - Lisa Hoffman Beauty & me!

Review and Rave - Lisa Hoffman Beauty

I recently had the pleasure of receiving some samples from
Lisa Hoffman Beauty

First and foremost, I have to rave about the customer service! I truly think
it’s so important to have great customer service! I dealt with Amy, who was
professional, friendly and very quick to respond. She sent me some samples to test
right away.

My favorite is Tuscan Fig. The description from the Lisa Hoffman Beauty website:

Surrounded by vanilla bean, honeysuckle, coconut wood, and gardenia, Tuscan Fig entices you with its warm essence. Like your own secret treasure, this fragrance transports you to the most enchanting valleys, vineyards, and fruit groves of Tuscany.

Other scents offered are; Japanese Agarwood, Madagascar Orchid (my second fave!),
Tunisian Neroli, and French Clary Sage.

The website offers a variety of perfume, body lotions and wash, candles and
absolutely gorgeous and unique fragrance jewlery.

If you love unique fragrances and products, you will not be dissapointed with
Lisa Hoffman Beauty!

Thanks for reading!

XO Amber