LUSH Holiday Favorites

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LUSH always has fabulous offerings around the holidays, and this year was no different! Here’s a few of my seasonal favorites, and a few new items that wowed me! LUSH Holiday 2014

This pre-wrapped Joy To The World package contains two vegan favorites from LUSH, Dream Cream Hand and Body Lotion and Snowcake soap. Snowcake is one of my favorite LUSH products. This almond marzipan scented soap is super moisturizing, and always leaves my skin soft. Dream Cream is one of LUSH’s most popular products, and a perfect winter moisturizer.

LUSH Snowcake and Dream Cream

LUSH Baked Alaska & First Snow Powder

The new Baked Alaska soap has a bright color and uplifting citrus scent. If you love “wake me up” scents in the shower or bath, give this a try. Fresh Snow dusting powder is a finely milled citrus scented powder filled with shimmer. It’s said to be the same scent as the Celebrate Body lotion, which I adore. (My 10 year old always tells me I smell like gummy worms when I have Celebrate on! I take that as a compliment from him…). My nose must be weird, because I think this smells like grape bubblegum. I love the scent, but it’s not like Celebrate to me at all! :)

LUSH Butterbear, Dashing Santa & Penguin

A few of my favorite holiday bath bombs: Dashing Santa’s Satsuma scent leaves the water pink, Butterbear has a sweet vanilla scent and chunks of cocoa butter to soften and moisturize skin. The adorable little Christmas Penguin bubble bar has Sicilian mandarin and lemon oils to create a frothy and soothing soak. Do you have any holiday favorites from LUSH?


LUSH Loves Moms!

You all know that I love LUSH, and how I always rave about their holiday gift sets and special releases. Mother’s Day is no different! This is my Sweetest Mum gift set, which is how I am pampering myself this Mother’s Day! The set comes with Miranda Soap (fresh organic kiwi and juniper berry oil), Sugar Scrub (fresh fennel, ginger and sugar),Godiva Shampoo Bar (cocoa butter and jasmine), Strawberry Feels Forever Massage Bar (strawberries, cocoa and shea butters), Vanilla Dee-Lite body lotion (coconut water and kiwi with vanilla absolute).

Check out some of the pampering products LUSH has for the Moms in your life:

Mother’s Day LUSH goodies:

NEW! Rose bubble bar ($4.95): This beautifully crafted bubble bar will instantly transform mom’s bath time experience into a rose-filled voyage through a mountain of skin softening bubbles. Rosehip oil and cocoa butter grated into the mixture provide the softening properties; while rose and lemon provide the fragrance. We’ve added cornstarch to the mix so you get a more condensed bar that can be broken in half and used over two baths or you can use the whole things for masses of creamy, softening bubbles.

NEW! Inhale Exhale bath bomb ($5.25): A new Bath Bomb with two halves – each lightly scented with one half of the two-part Gorilla Perfume fragrance, Breath of God. The Inhale half fizzes quickly, allowing mom to breathe in the light and fruity neroli and rose to relax. She can then lie back, breathe out and enjoy the grounding effect of the Exhale fragrance, with notes of smoky cedar wood and revitalizing lemon and grapefruit. This half fizzes more slowly to give mom an even longer lasting soak.

NEW! Wonder Woohoo bubble bar ($6.95): Inspired by Wonder Woman and created for wonder women! Mom can channel her inner superhero when using this bubble bar, covered in gold sparkle to replicate Wonder Woman’s gold tiara! Packed full of sandalwood and Brazilian orange oil from our best-selling Gorilla Perfume, The Sun, Wonder Woohoo is ideal for overworked moms in need of a little time to recharge and rejuvenate.

Back with best-selling fragrances, Mum’s ($9.95 each) are a selection of innovative re-usable bubble bar wands, especially for mom. Simply hold under running water for a trail of deliciously fragranced bubbles. Mum: this bright and cheerful yellow flower has the same sweet caramel fragrance as Lush’s global bestseller, Honey I Washed The Kids soap. Tulip shares the same fragrance as our best selling Sex Bomb bath bomb, a heady scent that will clear her mind. Madame Butterfly: A pretty pink butterfly fragranced with gorgeous rose absolute and rose oil. There’s a hint of lemon and geranium oil too which helps to balance the skin.

Mumkin bubble bar ($6.95): Mumkin is well known for her beautiful fruity fragrance and turning bath waters a deep and luscious pink. Not to mention she is bursting with character and style. Mumkin contains a unique fragrance that smells like a bowl of fresh raspberries - delicious!

Secret Garden bath bomb ($5.25) A bath with this lovely floral bath bomb will make mom feel like she is in her own secret garden. Bursting with petals that will float on the bath water and scented with roses, sweet wild orange and rosewood oils. This one has a frothy outer layer, which means it fizzes slowly for a long relaxing bath under a green carpet of foam.

Wrapped with Love, Ready to Give: NEW GIFTS

Strawberries and Cream: $16.95
A little gift of luxury for mom with two products to soothe and comfort her; a rich body lotion packed with bananas, cocoa butter and vanilla and a luscious massage bar made with crushed strawberries. Contains: Sympathy for the Skin body lotion (100g), Strawberry Feels Forever massage bar.

Sweetest Mum: $34.95
Originally created for White Day in Japan, this sweetie inspired Knot-Wrap gift contains a selection of luxurious products with a mixture of uplifting, sweet and fruity scents…we think it beats a box of chocolates anyway! Contains: Vanilla Deelite body lotion (100g), Sugar Scrub body scrub, Strawberry Feels Forever massage bar, Godiva solid shampoo bar, Miranda soap (100g).

Hello Sweetie and Hello Sunshine: $16.95
These little greenspun Knot-Wrap gifts each have two lovely treats for mum to enjoy. What’s great about them is that she can re-use them afterwards as a quirky scarf or hanky! Both would also make a great gift for dad to treat mum to on Mother’s Day, or simply as a ‘just because’ gift for any occasion.
• Hello Sunshine contains: Brightside bubble bar, Charity Pot hand and body lotion (45g)
• Hello Sweetie contains: Rock Star soap, Sweetie Pie shower jelly

Mum’s Goodies: $24.95
Cones are a similar shape to a bunch of flowers, which makes this gift a great alternative for Mother’s Day, especially as it contains Secret Garden bath bomb which is packed with a variety of petals for mum to enjoy. The print of the cone details beautiful bubbles with holographic and sparkly edging. Mom will find plenty of bubbles inside too as this gift also contains the limited edition Wonder Woohoo bubble bar, inspired by female superhero, Wonder Woman. Contains: Rock Star soap (in a star shaped mold), Secret Garden bath bomb, Wonder Woohoo bubble bar.

Mum Tin: $54.95
Encourage mom to take some time out for herself with this bright, playful, bubble and floral themed gift. Mum gives mom a choice of five different bath luxuries to choose from. The round re-usable tin (labelled with a ‘Mum’ sticker so she can store her things afterwards) has a bright and colorful print that was inspired by hydrangeas and the floral design depicts what’s inside. Contains: Secret Garden bath bomb, Inhale Exhale bath bomb, Mum’s reusable bubble bar wand, Rose bubble bar, Mumkin bubble bar, Dream Cream hand and body lotion (100g), Gorgeous moisturizer (trial size)

Thank You Knot-Wrap
Designed specifically for Mother’s Day, this multilingual luxurious knot wrap allows you to tie up whatever Lush treats you want to give to say Thank You to your mom!
Greenspun is a fabric made entirely from recycle PET (plastic bottles), which could otherwise end up in landfill.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend, and if you are a Mom, Happy Mother’s Day! I hope you have a special day, and be sure to be kind to yourself. Much Love, Amber

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Have a LUSH-ious calorie free Easter!


LUSH is well known for having some of the best Holiday themed releases. This year’s Easter offerings could not be any cuter!

The new Bunny Bubble Bar is shaped like a cute little bunny, with pearly blue eyes and a yellow tail. The formula is similar to a bubbleroon, with moisturizing coconut oil and shea butter. Corn starch has been added to condense the bar so it can be broken for two uses. Since I am a glutton, I used it in one use! This bar is vegan and candy scented. It left my skin super soft and moisturized.

I also have the new Golden Egg bath melt bomb, scented with Honey I Washed the Kids. The egg is a bath bomb coated in bath melt mixture. It sinks to the bottom for the outer layer to dissolve, then pops to the surface when the fizzing center is visible. Made with fair trade, organic Colombian Peace Village cocoa butter, this will leave your skin happily moisturized.

LUSH also has these items on their Easter menu:

NEW Carrot soap ($7.75 for ¼ lb): A spectacular carrot-shaped soap with a bunny hiding in every slice! The orange part is made with carrot oil to moisturize; while the white bunny inside is made with cocoa butter to soften. The fragrance smells nothing like carrots however, we’ve used fruity essential oils such as buchu, lemon and bergamot to really make your mouth water. Vegan

Bunch of Carrots re-usable bubble bars ($12.95): Back from last year, this time as a bunch of three smaller carrots, so each one can be used quicker when it’s at its freshest. As a re-usable bubble bar, place under the running taps to create lots of bubbles, then pop it on the side for another time. Fragranced with the same fruity oils as the Carrot soap, there’s also a little bit of nutritious carrot oil in each one, which is an extraordinary skin soother and rejuvenator. Vegan

Brightside bubble bar ($10.95): Back this year and this time to stay, as it joins our all year round range after Easter! Scented with a trio of uplifting and invigorating oils, there’s: Sicilian mandarin, tangerine and bergamot oil and just a squeeze of lemon. These oils are all incredibly toning and energizing and will lift the spirits and clear the mind. Crumble under the running tap and watch as the water turns into a hazy red and orange sunset with frothy white clouds of bubbles. Vegan

Fluffy Egg Bath Bomb ($5.95) A best seller every year, this sweetly scented pink egg is adorned with a candy flower. It’s like bathing in a bubbling mass of marshmallow and jelly bean scented water. You’ll get your sugar fix without anything passing your lips! Available in polka dots or zig-zag patterns. Vegan

The Immaculate Eggception Bath Bomb ($12.95): One of LUSH’s innovative double-layered Bath Bomb, these are hollow eggs with a surprise inside: crack the outer layer bubble bar and bath bomb mix to reveal either a mini chick or bunny bath bomb inside! You can then throw the outer eggshell and its inhabitant into the bathtub and enjoy a vanilla absolute, lemon and grapefruit scented soak. There are two colors to choose from, the yellow egg with green decoration contains the bunny; while the pink egg with yellow or blue decoration contains the chick Vegan

Carrot Gift ($36.95)
Contains: Golden Egg, Bunch of Carrots, Carrot and Miranda soaps
Funny Bunny Knot Wrap Gifts ($45.95)
Contains: Fluffy Egg, Bunch of Carrots and Bunny bubble bars, Green FUN and Honey I Washed the Kids soap (three color options: pink, yellow and orange).

Will you be trying anything from LUSH’s Easter menu this year?
xo Amber

LUSH Holiday Gift Picks

You really can’t go wrong when choosing a holiday gift from LUSH, but I’d love to share some of my favorites with you! I love sweet scents, and LUSH has some amazing sets this holiday that are just delicious!

Snowcake soap is a LUSH winter classic that is moisturizing and smells good enough to eat, with its marzipan and almond icing fragrance. The Sikkim Girls Gorilla perfume is one of my winter favorites. Heady and alluring, this scent is filled with notes of frangipani, jasmine, tuberose and vanilla. The Sikkim Girls will have you feeling like a vixen! It’s got amazing lasting power and sillage. You may want to look into LUSH perfumes if you are sensitive to scents. They are made up only of natural ingredients and safe synthetics.

One of my favorite scents ever is Snow Fairy. Not just for winter, this candyfloss and vanilla scent will leave you smelling edible year round! This year LUSH has the Snow Fairy Cone, which contains Snow Fairy shower gel, Angel’s Delight soap and a Shimmy Shimmy solid lotion bar. Adorable packaging with a cute little angel bell on top and sweet LUSH-y goodness inside? Yes, please! This is a great gift to give OR receive!

A few other daydreaming beauty LUSH favorites are: Lemony Flutter cuticle butter, Soft Couer and Heavanilli massage bars, Vanilla Puff Powder and Vanillary perfume.

Do you have any LUSH favorites? Will you be giving or getting anything from LUSH this holiday season? Let me know in the comments!

xo Amber