The Makeup Bullet - perfect skin is in your hands!

The Makeup Bullet is a new hi-def makeup sponge, that fits on your finger. Seriously, how genius is this idea? The Makeup Bullet fits perfectly over your finger for super easy blending and application of a variety of forms of makeup. The softly pointed tip is amazing for applying concealer for under eyes, and in the corner of your eyes. The sponge is also great for applying foundation, contour and highlight. The fact that it fits on your finger means you will not be dropping your sponge!

The Makeup Bullet was created by Eva Jane Bunkley, an Emmy award winning makeup artist, and all around lovely gal! I love that she wasn’t satisfied with the cosmetic sponges available to her, so she created her own perfect sponge! I found the Makeup Bullet to be a very soft texture and liked the control it gave me by having the sponge on my finger.


The Makeup Bullet is reusable, just wash gently with soap and water. I found it was much easier to wash than the Beauty Blender and dupes that I have tried. This sponge isn’t quite as dense, which I prefer! I’m happy to have this addition to my beauty tool arsenal! Please visit The Makeup Bullet to order, or for more information.

xo Amber

*sample provided for an honest review*