Rainbow Honey November Mini Mystery Bag

Rainbow Honey November mini mystery bag

This month’s Rainbow Honey mini mystery bag really knocked my socks off! I’m in LOVE with everything in there! Here’s what was included this month:

Aurora polish - This gleaming glitter was inspired by the Aurora Borealis, and has flashes of fluorescent blue and green hues. It’s packed with silver, gold and diamond dust shimmers and pigments. Rainbow Honey recommends you layer this polish and show off in natural light for the most stunning effect. Having lived in Alaska, I remember how beautiful and awe-inspiring the Aurora Borealis is. It’s like nothing you’ve ever seen! I haven’t tried this polish yet, but I’m anxious to!

Grayscale polish - Described as a modern graphite with white crushed diamond and silver glitter. This is part of an upcoming collection. I LOVE this gray polish, and have it on my nails now. You can see the post here>>>  Grayscale notd.

Rainbow Honey Aurora Borealis and Grayscale

Frozen Flame Perfume Oil, Cuticle Oil and Hand Sanitizer - The newest scent from Rainbow Honey is described as a warm and exotic blend of hibiscus, plumeria, aloe vera and glistening cassis petals. I am IN LOVE with this scent. I was really surprised to read from the perfume notes that it’s a floral! It’s a soft and sweet scent with a hint of sultry muskiness and it feels snuggly and warm to me. I want to douse myself in EVERYTHING Frozen Flame! It’s that good!!

Lemon Honey lip balm - Rainbow Honey does fantastic lip balms, and this one is lovely! It reminds me of kissing my hubby after he has his nightly lemon tea. (awwwww, I know!)

Rainbow Honey Mini Mystery Nov Aurora Borealis and Grayscale

Did you get the Rainbow Honey November mystery bag? Like every other month, this subscription is at the top of my list for best value and super products! You can get a monthly mini bag for $10, or a full size for $25. I can’t wait to see what Rainbow Honey has in store for us next month!


Is Rainbow Honey Grayscale a deeper version of Sinful Colors Prosecco?

RH Grayscale
Did you miss out on Sinful Colors Prosecco? I was really lucky to stumble on one bottle at Walgreens, but I haven’t been able to find it again. In my Rainbow Honey November mini mystery bag, there was a gorgeous graphite polish packed with white crushed diamond and silver glitters. I usually love gray polish, and this is no different.

Sinful Shine Prosecco

Once I had done my nails, taken the photos, and was editing….I noticed how similar this was to Prosecco. Obviously the gray base is much deeper, but I think Grayscale could be Prosecco’s darker side, don’t you?

Rainbow Honey Grayscale

I’m happy to have them both in my collection, and love them equally! What’s on your nails now?

Rainbow Honey Mini Mystery Bag October

Rainbow Honey October mini mystery bag
Rainbow Honey Vi and Cafe con Leche
My October Rainbow Honey Mini Mystery Bag took forever to get here thanks to some post office snafus and a holiday weekend. But, it’s finally here! Here’s what I received this month:

Cafe con Leche  - A tribute to the delicious Cuban style espresso topped with steamed milk. It is a light creamy shade of brown, packed with micro gold and silver pigments. 

Zi - A balanced purple lacquer packed with micro blue, gold, silver and magenta glitters. Layer for a deeper purple. 

All Your Base - Full size base coat is back by popular demand! This popular base coat is enriched with vitamin e.

Sweet November roller ball edp - brand new fragrance by Rainbow Honey, sweet warm musk with notes of coconut and vanilla sugar. Perfect cozy scent for fall!

Sweet November Shimmer Soap - a clean, foamy hand crafted shimmery body soap for all over!

L’Orange Ganache nourishing lip balm - Rainbow Honey’s famous nourishing lip balm is back just in time for cold weather, in a delicious new flavor! This is a blend of sweet dried oranges and belgian dark chocolate. 

The Sweet November edp is amazing. A perfect scent for this sweet gourmand scent lover! I need to get this in a larger size, asap! This is my first RH lip balm, and it’s fantastic. No surprise there! I’m never without lip balm, so this will get used often. I haven’t tried the Zi nail polish yet, but given my love for purple, this will be a hit! Cafe con Leche is just gorgeous, but not on me. It’s a warm shade, which clashes with my neutral/cool and red toned hands. The formula is fabulous, creamy, easy to use, self leveling, long lasting. I have a feeling that neutral lovers will be all over this! I haven’t tested the soap or base coat yet.
Rainbow Honey Cafe con Leche notd
Did you get the October Rainbow Honey Mini Mystery Bag? What did you think? You can order the Rainbow Honey Mini Mystery bag for $12 per month, or get a full size option. As usual, I’m delighted with the quality, value, and fun of this month’s bag!