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Friday skincare faves

I love my Boots skin care!! Here in the US, you can purchase the Boots line at ULTA or Target.

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My skin is on the dry, sensitive side. My main skincare concerns are my dryness, preventing breakouts, anti aging and lightening some old acne scarring.

I picked up the protect and perfect eye cream, lip cream and Advanced Hydration day fluid for around $3 at ULTA on clearance. What a steal!!
I love them all! Lately I have been using the day fluid instead of a foundation primer. It’s silicone based, and works well for this purpose.

The hand cream was also on clearance at ULTA. I love this, but like some other Boots products, it has a strong perfume. However, I personally don’t have a problem with the scent, and my skin doesn’t seem to mind either!

The two glass jars are Protect and Perfect day cream and night cream. I adore the night cream! It’s quite rich and soothing. I use it most every night, after I apply my Retin A. The day cream, I’m not as crazy about. It’s a nice texture and lightweight for use under foundation. It has an SPF 20, which is great! My problem s that when I wear it under foundation, it makes me very shiny. I don’t even have oily skin. For me, it’s not enough moisture for overnight use.