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Red Carpet Manicure 
PRO kit - WIN!!

Red Carpet Manicure March Madness Winners!!

Congratulations to the winners of the March Madness mani contest! The winners are Malia, Jennifer and Malisa.

Thanks for entering ladies!! It was fun hosting this contest with Red Carpet Mani! Please continue to share your manis with me. I love to see all kind of different manicures! I am hoping to swatch my gel polish collection fairly soon and I will definitely do a post.


Here are the winning nails!




Congratulations ladies, and please let me know when you receive your Pro Kits from RCM. I’m sure you will love them!

xo Amber

Another NOTD post

The posting has been less frequent, as Lyme is kicking my butt the past week. But, I can post pics of a few NOTD pics from last week!
The first is Finger Paints new gel polish in Pink Glaze (so light and very natural looking, would be great for a traditional French manicure) with Gelish Tumberline Violet (2 coats) on top. The Gelish Tumberline took me a few fingers to get the hang of. The larger glitter must sink to the bottom, and I was trying to fish more out. I love glitter and I like my nails to have a LOT of glitter, not just a few pieces.


The second look is actually polished over the first mani. I can’t wear “regular” nail polish anymore. My nails are too weak and brittle. I prefer to have my gel polish on all the time! The polish is Pure Ice “Fiesty.” I ADORE the pinky purple color, but the formula was hideous! I’m sure you can see the streaks. It wasn’t just streaky, but it had an off texture too. Maybe I should exchange it at Wal Mart. I’m going to try some polish thinner first, to see if that helps. If you have any recommendations for similar colors to this in gel polish formula, please let me know!!


What’s on your nails this week?
xo Amber



Beautifeye ColorVue
Glamour Honey

Review - Beautifeye Colored Contact lenses

I recently had the pleasure of working with UK’s premiere company for colored and fashion contact lenses. The lenses I chose to test were ColorVue brand, in the shade Glamour Honey. I currently wear lenses for vision correction, so I had no problem with wearing these, with my glasses. First, and perhaps most importantly to me, Beautifeye has fabulous customer service! It was a pleasure conversing with them through the whole process. My lenses shipped from the UK to the US, arriving in just over a week. I also received a contact lens case and cleaning solution.


The lenses fit well and were comfortable to wear. My natural eye color is light blue/gray. I’ve always wanted to try dark eyes! I love the effect these gave me. The color leans more towards an orangey gold color, rather than light brown. I think these lenses are a fun way to express myself, just like my makeup!



ColorVue Glamour Honey lenses from Beautifeye

ColorVue Glamour Honey lenses from Beautifeye



Beautifeye ColorVue Glamour Honey

Beautifeye ColorVue
Glamour Honey

Have you tried colored contacts as an accessory? Do you like the look? I am looking forward to trying different colors!
Check out Beautifeye

xo Amber


Review - Rimmel Scandaleyes kohl liner

I am so excited about these new Rimmel Scandaleyes kohl liners! They are super smooth and creamy, non irritating to my sensitive eyes, and long lasting. Perhaps the most exciting thing about them, is the color choices. A drug store Nude liner for my water line?! Yes please!!

I’ve always wanted to try the nude NARS liner that gets raves, but the price was too much for me!

The Rimmel liner does a perfect job of making my eyes appear brighter and less red, and more awake! I have the Nude, Taupe and Brown. The Brown is gorgeous! It’s been my go-to daily liner since I have had it. It’s all that I wanted Urban Decay’s 24/7 Bourbon liner to be.

The taupe is an odd shade for my coloring. I’m not really sure about it, but maybe I’ll find a way to use it! Have you tried these liners? I’m pretty sure I need the Black and the Black Sparkle shades.

xo Amber


Rimmel Scandaleyes Kohl Liner

Rimmel Scandaleyes Kohl Liner







What I’m loving - Flower easy on the eyes long wear eyeliner

I am SHOCKED at this eyeliner. This unassuming eyeliner from Wal Mart. I saw some swatches on one of my favorite blogs, Vampy Varnish and I had to check these liners out myself!

I have Aubergine and Navy. Both beautiful colors, unlike any other color of eyeliner in my collection. The colors are rich and pigmented, and go on very smoothly. They smudge nicely as long as you catch them before they set.
What really stood out to me is the longevity of these babies. They are so long wearing, it’s hard to get them off!
I’m talking…longer wearing than BB or MAC gel liner, longer than UD 24/7 or any other liner I’ve ever used.

Oh, and did I mention they don’t bother my somewhat sensitive eyes or my contacts? I did try them in my waterline and tightlined my top lid without a problem. The only reason I won’t be wearing this liner daily, is because I don’t always like having to deal with a stubborn eyeliner at night when I wash my face.

The colors are really gorgeous. The navy is a blackened dark blue, with a slight shimmer. If you have tried MAC’s Contrast eyeshadow, this is spot on for a matching eyeliner! Aubergine is a blackened plum. It also has a slight shimmer to it, and
on my skintone it pulls ever so slightly towards a red toned plum.

I have swatches, but they really don’t do the gorgeousness of these babies justice! Have you tried these or anything else from the Drew Barrymore’s Flower cosmetic line at Wal Mart?


If you’re a blogging dummy like me….

You should really check out these sites that helped me tremendously when I moved from Blogger to WordPress recently.
By the way, I LOVE WordPress. SO.MUCH.EASIER. Just more user friendly for blogging in general!
Enough about me, go check these out if you are hitting some bumps along the way with your blog.


Do you have any helpful sites or tutorials you’d like to share?

Blogelina offers a blog transfer service as well as a blog and forum with loads of helpful information.

Beginner’s Guide to Word Press
WPBeginner is the easiest to follow “help” site for blogging on word press. There has been an answer to every question I have had since discovering this site.


Blogging. Where do I fit in?

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately, about my blog. Mostly, what type of blog I want to work to have, where my blog is going. That sort of thing.

Neither my blog nor myself “fit” into a specific category. I’m not sure why I’m stressing about that, but I am. Or, I was.

Why on earth do I need to categorize my blog or myself?! I blog for me, because I like the outlet(and I get tired of talking to the kittens while the kids and hubby are gone all day #crazycatlady) and because I love to talk/read/learn about all things beauty/nails/skincare/hair/makeup. My hub is an awesome listener and he always humors me when I’m talking beauty, but I don’t have anyone in the “real world” that will want to know what’s on my nails everyday. Or what shadows from my Urban Decay palettes I used in today’s FOTD. Or that LE MAC eyeliner I’m obsessed with. You get the picture.


I’m Amber, a 34 year old wife, Mom to 5, chronic Lyme disease fighter, depression and anxiety warrior, food allergy battling girl that loves to talk about all things beautiful. If I look good, I feel better.

That’s important to me. My blog is my escape from the everyday. MY everyday. Daydreaming beauty….you know, because I like to daydream about fluffy stuff. Sometimes life is stressful, painful, heart wrenching, depressing…

My blog is a little safe place for me, and when I come here I can forget, temporarily, about the things I don’t want to think about or feel.


So now that I have opened up about me, I’d love to hear from others. About anything. From nail polish and makeup, to depression and anxiety. Anything.


Post here, email me at or find me on twitter @daydream_beauty


Thanks for listening!

xo Amber



Bath and Body Works - true blue spa

Bath and Body Works true blue spa

Bath and Body Works
true blue spa

I recently had some coupons and freebies from Bath and Body Works. Since I have been all about doing my nails lately, and my hands are so super dry and uncomfortable, I snagged a few beauties from the True Blue Spa line.

I got the 60 second manicure hand scrub, Paraffin super softening hand lotion and raspberry mojito cream gel. The hand scrub is a 5oz jar that I can imagine will last me for a while. It’s a sugar scrub, in a gel like base. Glycerin and shea butter are high on the list of ingredients.  My skin loves both of these. This is a really pampering treat to use on my hands. They were so soft after! Its scent is citrusy and light. I used the hand lotion after drying. I’ve used this paraffin lotion before, and I love it! It’s very moisturizing and rich, without being greasy.It has olive, apricot and avacado oils, along with shea butter. The scent is light and pleasant, citrusy to my nose.

The raspberry mojito cream gel is quite a unique product! It feels very lightweight, and almost sticky when you first apply. it. It sinks in immediately and there’s no more tackiness! It smells divine, like a raspberry mojito! The scent is light and not overwhelming at all. My skin stayed suprisingly soft and moisturized all day with this. My skin is very dry, and I was pleasantly surprised that this worked so well!

I’d highly recommend the Bath and Body Works true blue spa for a pampering mani/pedi at home! :)

I would love to see Bath and Body Works come out with a cuticle butter or two!!

Have you tried anything from the true blue spa line? What did you think?



super softening hand lotion

super softening hand lotion


Raspberry Mojito cream gel

Raspberry Mojito
cream gel


NYX Butter gloss Review and Swatches

NYX butter gloss

NYX butter gloss

Have you seen these?? I know it seems like everyone is jumping in on the lip butter bandwagon.

But, these, you NEED. I love NYX lipglosses in general, however these are better than any of the lipglosses/butters I have tried lately! The texture is great, it is super smooth and feels like a lip balm. They aren’t sticky, though I don’t mind sticky glosses! The pigmentation is about average for a lip butter product. They aren’t necessarily long lasting, but I think that’s normal with this type of product. They have a faint sweet scent. Not cherry like the other NYX glosses, but vanilla-ish. It fades almost immediately.

Want to see pics? The colors I have are Creme Brulee, Merengue, Tiramisu and Vanilla Cream Pie(pictured from top to bottom in that order.) The colors are a touch brighter in this pic than in person.


Creme Brulee, Merengue, Tiramisu, Vanilla Cupcake

Creme Brulee, Merengue, Tiramisu, Vanilla Cupcake


Friday Faves - Missha BB cream, Vichy Micellaire and Lumene Cream

I’m really excited to share with you what I have been loving the past few weeks!

The first product was something completely new to me. Have you read in the blogosphere about Micellare Solutions? I had and was curious. It seems they are not all that common here in the US.

I stumbled on Vichy’s 3 in 1 Calming Cleansing Micellar Solution in ULTA. I actually had a credit AND a coupon to use. Nice!! It looks so unassuming in the bottle…don’t let that fool you!!

This has some serious makeup removing power! It really blew me away, something that doesn’t happen often in skincare! I applied a small amount to a cotton pad and swiped off my most stubborn waterproof mascara. I couldn’t believe how easily it was coming off!! I didn’t have to press hard, pull or tug at my eyes like with a normal makeup remover wipe.

The next step was the big test! Revlon Colorstay. Great foundation, but it wears like iron. It’s hard to remove usually, but not with this! I was shocked at how gently and completely this removed my foundation and other face makeup.

Not only is Vichy Micellar a great makeup remover, it’s super gentle and didn’t irritate my sensitive skin or break me out! I will never use another makeup wipe again.


Next up is a little jar of Lumene Sensitive Touch Comforting Night Cream. I have been using this day (under makeup) and night on my sensitive, dry and irritable winter skin. It sinks in immediately and doesn’t feel the least bit heavy. My skin feels soothed and the flakes are gone. No breakouts either!


I have tried a number of US “BB Creams” that are nothing more than a tinted moisturizer. I haven’t come accross one yet that I like. Missha M Perfect Cover BB cream is a true Asian BB cream. spf 42 pa+++, skin benefits and coverage. I picked the shade no 21. (I’m pretty fair at the moment, I have neutral skin with some redness about N15 in MAC.) I love the texture, it’s like a night cream. It blends in very easily and doesn’t accentuate any dry patches. I really am happy with the coverage as well. I sometimes use this as my foundation on “no makeup” days. I’ve also used this under my foundation with good results. Alone, this will last me about 8 hours without powder. It lasts 12+ hours using it as a primer under foundation. I haven’t had any breakouts or skin irritation either.


What are you loving this week?

xo Amber