Collab with Geniabeme - Pink Gradient Dot Mani!

I have a fun collab post today that Eugenia from Geniabeme Beauty Blog and I recently did!
We both had been wanting to try something different for nail art, and we decided on a gradient dot manicure.

One of my inspirations is from this blog post Pink Polka Dot Gradient.

I started with a base coat and 2 coats of OPI Sweet Memories.

OPI Sweet Memories


My darkest pink is OPI Kiss me on my Tulips, the medium shade is OPI Got a Date To-Knight, and the lightest shade is a mix of NYC White, Sweet Memories and Got a Date To-Knight.

Once my dots dried, I used Sally Hansen diamond fast dry top coat. I’m liking the formula of this much better than Seche Vite! It’s much thinner and not so finicky!


Pink Gradient Dot Manicure

Please check out Eugenia’s gradient dot mani here Geniabeme Beauty Blog


12 thoughts on “Collab with Geniabeme - Pink Gradient Dot Mani!

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  2. As I was telling Eugenia, the two of you nailed it. These are perfectly executed dotticures, and I’m wowed. I’m an uber fan of the technique. There’s so much you can do with them, as you’ve evidenced here.

    Super collaborative post, Amber. You done GREAT! :)

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