Denise Richards parfum- a burst of summer!

Denise Richards parfum is like summer in a bottle! It’s a gorgeous, floral and feminine scent that I can see reaching for quite often in the Spring and Summer. This is a beautiful fragrance that I expect will be well loved. I was pleasantly surprised at the high quality and longevity of Denise Richards parfum.
From Denise Richards Parfum website:
In creating her signature fragrance, Denise Richards evokes her fondest memories of soft tropical evenings. Combining exotic white flowers, warm, comforting vanilla, and hints of coconut and plumeria, the result is a fragrance that personifies Denise’s natural beauty and casual elegance. Denise Richards uses the most luxurious ingredients to compose a fragrance that is both sensual and timeless, treating the wearer to the idyllic warmth of a tropical breeze.

You can purchase Denise Richards Parfum for $19.95 for the 1.7fl oz EDP or $29.95 for the 3.4 oz EDP. That is quite a steal! This summer scented perfume would make a lovely addition to any perfume lover’s collection.

Have you tried this perfume? What’s your favorite scent that makes you think “summer?”

xo Amber

*pr sample for honest review*

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