Energize your skin with Reviva Labs!!

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Here on the east coast, it’s that time of year that my skin becomes dull, dry and sallow looking. This year, I am combating dry pasty skin with Reviva Labs Skin Energizing Gel.
This is a product with some hefty claims behind it. Here’s what Reviva Labs says about their Skin Energizing Gel:

Electrically charged trace minerals can stimulate skin’s important mineral balance and cell energy. It quickly improves skin response to the active ingredients in beauty creams.

The ingredients in the Skin Energizing Gel are: Purified water, algae extract, (Hawaiian Seaplant), phenoxyenthanol and chlorphenesin and sodium dehydroacteate (preservative system).


I was happy to give this product a try! Reviva Labs makes some great skincare products. I love that they are easily accessible and affordable. Not to mention, they are just a great company to deal with.

I had a great experience with the Reviva Skin Energizing Gel! My skin seems to love algae extract I am learning! I use the gel after toning and before serums and moisturizers, morning and night. It sinks in immediately. I actually felt firmer skin even though that’s not a claim that Reviva made. It’s not a tightening/drying feeling, but actually firmer skin. Yes please, I’ll take it!!

I have to agree with the claims that it helps maximize the effectiveness of the moisturizer or treatment you follow the gel with. I would highly recommend you check out Reviva Labs if you haven’t already. The Skin Energizing Gel retails for $10 for a 2oz bottle. This is a fabulous deal, as you only need one pump of product! I’ve been using this for a month and I’ve barely made a dent in my bottle!

Have you tried Reviva Labs skin care before? I’d love to hear your Reviva favorites if you have! I have a long list of products I’d like to try from Reviva!
The awesome people at Reviva Labs are offering a chance to win your own Skin Energizing Gel! Please enter the Rafflecopter below. Good luck!

xo Amber

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