Exaltria #30Days2BetterSkin Challenge

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We all know that beauty comes from within right? I don’t know about you, but I stumble once in a while with my beauty routine. I know I should be eating healthier, exercising more, drinking water all the time, and getting lots of beauty sleep. But, then life gets in the way, daily stress keeps piling up. Aaaaaaaand I drown it in a slice of cheesecake. Or chocolate. We all have our vices!

You probably know how excited I get about skincare. But what about a supplement than nourishes your skin from within? Hyaluronic acid is one of my favorite topical skin care ingredients. It’s gentle, and draws moisture to your skin. Exaltria is a hyaluronic acid supplement. I am going to be taking the #30Days2BetterSkin challenge! I will be commit to washing my face twice a day, using sunscreen daily, drinking eight glasses of water a day, sweating for at least 20 minutes a day and taking my Exaltria!

Here’s what to expect when taking part in the challenge with Exaltria.

Between 1 and 2 Weeks

Moisturized and Bright Skin

The peeling of the skin will stop ( loss of dry skin, you will be able to notice this more in the legs)

Starting the 3rd Week

Increase of elasticity

You will notice a decrease on the expression lines in your face.

An increase of softness and brightness

Between 4 and 5 Week

You will notice a decrease of your wrinkles

You will notice a volume/filling effect

As you can see in my car selfie, my skin is showing the effects of daily stress. It’s dry and dehydrated, but also I have been having horrible break outs for a month. I’m starting to notice the fine lines around my eyes are a little deeper. I haven’t edited my skin at all in this pic, so please be gentle. ;)

I look forward to checking back in with you once I’ve completed my 30 days. Wish me luck! Do you have any healthy tips to share?

  • http://www.crazybeautifulmakeup.com/ Heather

    Interested in seeing the final results, girl your car selfie is on point! My skin hates me this month for some reason too, after no breakouts it panicked and made up for lost time eheh

    • http://daydreamingbeauty.com daydreamingbeauty

      Ugh me too! Stress! And thank you! <3