Gelish Make You Blink Pink and Orly Tiara NOTD

Happy Tuesday! Does it feel like Monday to anyone else?!Monday holidays always
get me messed up.

I’m happy to report that the kids are off for the first day of school, YAY!!
I wish I could say I was going to do something fun (like Sephora or Ulta) but I have to hit the post office with blog sale packages (still have tons left here!) and hit the grocery store. Fun!! ;)

Here’s my notd, with Gelish Make You Blink Pink (who doesn’t want highlighter pink on their nails?!) and Orly Tiara on my accent nail.

So what’s on your nails today? Do you have anything exciting going on today? Leave me a message, because it’s too quiet around here!

xo Amber



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