Hamsa Perfume Review

Designer Celine Leora created Hamsa perfume in tribute to her mother. Raised in Morocco, Celine wanted her scent to combine Eastern, Western and Middle Eastern culture. The beautiful bottle is adorned with the ancient Hamsa symbol, said to bring luck, fortune, and represent tolerance, peace and unity.

Not only do the healing oils smell divine, they were chosen carefully for a specific purpose. Black Currant is said to increase physical senses and inspire heightened sensuality. White Lotus is a spiritual elixir, promotes peace, serenity and concentration.  Frankincense can boost mood and increase spiritual awareness. Coffee scent is known for reducing depression symptoms and awakening the brain.

With only four fragrance notes, one might assume Hamsa Perfume to be a simple scent. That assumption couldn’t be further from the truth! Hamsa’s notes include White Lotus, Frankincense,  Black Currant and Coffee. The unique combination combines beautifully for a lovely calming scent.

First applied, the black currant smells sweet and fruity. The frankincense adds a hint of earthiness to prevent the black currant from getting soapy. The frankincense note in Hamsa is smooth and rich, not incensey. That makes me extremely happy, as I find frankincense hit or miss on my skin. White Lotus Flower is a slightly sweet aquatic floral scent. I don’t smell a specific coffee note, so I have to assume it’s just giving Hamsa a bit of an earthiness and adding depth to the fragrance and feel. It’s a scent I reach for when I want to feel relaxed and feminine. That said, I don’t think you should hesitate to try this if you are male!

Have you tried Hamsa yet? I have  a feeling it’s going to be a big hit! It’s definitely one of my go-to scents now! You can find more information and Hamsa on their website.

xo Amber


  1. Allison @neversaydiebeauty says

    That sounds lovely. I’m love the idea of the Frankincense anchoring the scent. And I like the link to the hamsa :)

  2. Naomi Ganzu says

    Nice one! :D
    Add me on G+, I always add back :)
    Do visit my blog and drop in a comment <3

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