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Healing Well Lyme Disease forum -

Healing Well Forum

This blog has great info about Western Blot lyme tests. I found it to be the most helpful I came across when I got my IgeneX results back, and was looking for an explanation of what each band meant.

Lyme Twist on the Rocks

Tired of, an interactive and supportive sight about Chronic Lyme Disease.
Here, you will find loads of honest information about Lyme. I especially like the “7 Lessons Lyme Disease Teaches Us.”

Tired of Lyme

My Lyme Disease Treatment Blog, has lots of helpful information and links.

My Lyme Disease Treatment

Some info about Jarisch-Herxheimer Reaction (commonly called a ‘Herx’ or ‘Herxing’).
When you begin your anti biotic therapy for Lyme Disease, the Lyme bacteria starts to die off and release endo toxins into your blood and tissues. This inflammatory response is called a Herx reaction. As painful and frustrating as Herxing can be, it means your meds are working and your body is killing off the Lyme. It’s a good thing!!

Info on Jarisch-Herxheimer reaction can be found here -

Chronic Illness Recovery

By no means is this all the information on Lyme I have found. It takes a bit of weeding out the reliable info from the not so helpful. Please, if you have any more resources to add, leave me a comment or email me. I’d greatly appreciate it!

xoxo Amber

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