How to get ready in a hurry without looking like you overslept

*thanks to Jergens for sponsoring this conversation*
The key to getting ready in a hurry and looking pulled together, is to simply use your tried and true favorite products, and use a few multi taskers! When I wake up late, there is never any time for hair washing, but I do need a shower! I’ll do a quick shower and use Jergens Wet Skin Moisturizer with coconut oil before I get out. This is a new lotion that you use in the shower when you are wet and don’t rinse off. No more churro legs!! You have to watch the Leslie Mann video below - she’s hilarious!
Whoever invented dry shampoo should get a Nobel Prize for Best Beauty Invention. That’s a thing, right?! My top choice is Drybar Detox dry shampoo, for its amazing scent, ability to add body to my thick hair and make it look fresh and clean quickly. If I’m wearing my hair down, I’ll run a little Chaser shine pomade through my hair. Makeup is a must for me, so my bare minimum would be a CC Cream to even out skin, Jouer Tint on lips and cheeks, and mascara. There’s my version of a quick beauty routine. What’s yours?