LUSH Holiday Favorites

*pr samples for consideration*

LUSH always has fabulous offerings around the holidays, and this year was no different! Here’s a few of my seasonal favorites, and a few new items that wowed me! LUSH Holiday 2014

This pre-wrapped Joy To The World package contains two vegan favorites from LUSH, Dream Cream Hand and Body Lotion and Snowcake soap. Snowcake is one of my favorite LUSH products. This almond marzipan scented soap is super moisturizing, and always leaves my skin soft. Dream Cream is one of LUSH’s most popular products, and a perfect winter moisturizer.

LUSH Snowcake and Dream Cream

LUSH Baked Alaska & First Snow Powder

The new Baked Alaska soap has a bright color and uplifting citrus scent. If you love “wake me up” scents in the shower or bath, give this a try. Fresh Snow dusting powder is a finely milled citrus scented powder filled with shimmer. It’s said to be the same scent as the Celebrate Body lotion, which I adore. (My 10 year old always tells me I smell like gummy worms when I have Celebrate on! I take that as a compliment from him…). My nose must be weird, because I think this smells like grape bubblegum. I love the scent, but it’s not like Celebrate to me at all! :)

LUSH Butterbear, Dashing Santa & Penguin

A few of my favorite holiday bath bombs: Dashing Santa’s Satsuma scent leaves the water pink, Butterbear has a sweet vanilla scent and chunks of cocoa butter to soften and moisturize skin. The adorable little Christmas Penguin bubble bar has Sicilian mandarin and lemon oils to create a frothy and soothing soak. Do you have any holiday favorites from LUSH?


  • Kelly

    I have been hearing great things about these - I will have to try them out!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  • Laura

    I used Butterbear in Rae’s bath last night. It was so nice.