Milani Brilliant Shine Lip Gloss

The Milani Brilliant Shine Lip Gloss gets my vote for the best product to come out of the drugstore this Spring! This line of high shine lip glosses come in 14 shades, from nude to deep berry. The formula is thick and clings to lips, giving it a bit more lasting power than normal gloss. It’s sticky, but not as much so as MAC Lipglass. The formula feels moisturizing and is great on my dry lips. The deeper shades that I have (Ravish Raspberry and Mauve Fetish) are pigmented enough to leave a stain after the gloss has faded. These vanilla scented beauties are $5.49 for a .21oz tube at retailers.

The shades I have (pictured top to bottom)
Luminous - peachy gloss with gold sparkle
Sweet Grapefruit - Coral Pink cream
Ravish Raspberry - Raspberry cream
Mauve Fetish - Mauve with gold shimmer


Have you tried the Milani Brilliant Shine Lip Gloss? Any favorites from Milani?
xo Amber

  • Eugenia

    I need the pink ones! I love Milani!

    • daydreamingbeauty

      You look great in bright pink!

  • Norah Salazar

    I have so many Milani favorites (bronzer, eye primer, blushers), here is one more to add, shiny lip glosses :)

    • daydreamingbeauty

      I love Milani, such great quality!!

  • jamie @makeuplifelove

    OMG I need all of these. Such gorgeous pigment and seriously amazing shades. Stunning!!!

    • daydreamingbeauty

      Do you have any of these glosses Jamie?

  • Nidia Doherty

    I’m hoping to pick up a bunch of Milani stuff at the Walgreens and CVS Beauty clearances! I need to try their new range of lippies.

    • daydreamingbeauty

      Yes!! Love to hear what you get!

  • kSquaredGlamour

    I have several of these and quite like them

  • Brooke @ Blushing Noir

    Love the formula on these!

    • Amber

      Me too Brooke!

  • Emmymom

    Oh I haven’t tried these- I love that you showed them all on your skin, I always have the hardest time telling what a color will really look like from the bottle, some are quite different. I am a big fan of lip gloss as it is easier to put on nicely than lipstick. Thank you for sharing!

    • Amber

      These are pretty effortless to put on! The lighter ones I can apply on the run, sans mirror! :)

  • Alison Freisz-Steward

    I’m a lip gloss junkie, but I haven’t tried these — looks like I may need to becuase a couple of those shades are calling to me. I love the Urban Decay and MAC glosses — naked shades and light pinks are generally my go-to’s but if I’m feeling spicy, I like to have some deeper reds / purples on hand!

  • Anastasia

    I love these glosses! RIght now I own 2 of them, but I might pick up Mauve Fetish, because I loved it in all of the swatches I’ve seen.

    • Amber

      Anastasia, I got sweet grapefruit after your post about it lol. Enabler!!

      • Anastasia

        Always happy to enable, especially if it’s a wonderful product like these lip glosses :)

  • Sarah

    I’ve wanted to try the Luminous for awhile, but I always forget when I’m at a store that carries that brand. However, I’m really drawn to the Sweet Grapefruit now!

  • Robin Rue

    I hoard lip glosses, so I would love to try a couple of shades of this!

  • loveforlacquer

    Totally agree! These are AMAZING

  • Citizens of Beauty

    okay, I literally am in love with all of these! Gorgeous!!

  • Phyrra

    Great swatches!

  • Noelle

    Gorgeous shades!

  • Cosmetics Aficionado

    Love Milani! These swatches are pretty :)

  • beautybymissl

    Very pretty shades!

  • Laura Elizabeth

    Never heard of them until now, but those are some gorgeous shades!

  • Jamie F

    Oh I love Luminous! It looks so soft and shiny!

  • Destany

    They are so shiny! But they were tacky and sticky on me, just not the best for me.

  • Ange

    I NEED them all right now!!

  • Lissa Cole

    The colors are all really pretty! It’s a bummer they are sticky, but what gloss isn’t haha?

  • jbrobeck

    I NEED THEM ALL! Especially Mauve Fetish!

  • Angela Sherman

    sweet grapefruit is getting added to my list!

  • Kimberly

    Milani is a favorite brand of mine. These glosses are gorg!!!

  • Chelsea

    The second swatch looks SO nice. I’d love to see it on!

  • Kelly R

    Milani has some wonderful products. I love the colors!

  • marciaf

    I’m worried about the fragrance but the color of the first one is so pretty I’d take a chance.

  • Justina

    Your swatches are gorgeous, these are really speaking to me!

  • Miranda Mendoza

    Milani has been rocking this year’s releases!

  • Cosmetic Sanctuary

    I’ve been using these and can’t pick a favorite! Great swatches

  • Allison @neversaydiebeauty

    Love the look of the raspberry and the mauve. I’m also curious about the deep cherry. Next sale I’m gonna pick up another one…or two!

    • daydreamingbeauty

      haha me too Allison!

    • teresa koedyker

      On there website everything is 30% off!

      • daydreamingbeauty

        Niec! Thanks for the heads up Teresa! <3

  • Miranda Ronevich

    I am not much for lipgloss, I hate reapplying. But I am glad you love these. I might give them a try!

  • Paige T.

    I’ve never tried any Milani but I’ve heard great things! These are great colors too!

  • cindyprimebeauty

    These look amazing! Wish I had a better selection of Milani in my town :(

  • Laura

    these are such gorgeous lip shades!

  • FabZilla_Kath

    I agree Milani has the best makeup releases in d/s level

  • Kimmi @ The Plastic Diaries

    They are so pretty

  • MamaMommyMom

    Oh, I love the one with the gold in it! I used to have a gold lipgloss I wore over all of my lipsticks to give them that sheen. I miss it.

    • daydreamingbeauty

      Jamie - Keep an eye out at CVS for milani! They have great sales for BOGO 50% off. :)

  • Stephanie Louise Telford

    These are so gorgeous! Definitely need to seek these out!

  • Sheila Arkee

    I loooooove these glosses. Seriously, so fantastic!

  • Betzy Carmona

    Your blog looks amazing ! I love the swatchies

    • daydreamingbeauty

      Thanks Betzy!

  • Melody Robinson Wright

    Love those shades you picked!

    • daydreamingbeauty


  • Katherine Bartlett

    All the colors are gorgeous!

    • daydreamingbeauty

      Have you tried them?

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  • kSquaredGlamour

    i have several of these and love them

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