mini blog sale

I have a ton of things to put up on the ongoing blog sale.
If there were only more hours of the day that I had the energy!
Anyways, here’s a few things.
I will ship from the US to just about anywhere. US to US shipping will start at $3.50.

Please check out my ebay listings for more items! Perfumes, makeup brushes etc.
My ebay name is sweetpea9946.

$3 for 4 brushes. All gently used. 2 are Eco Tools kabuki brushes (one has a wiggly metal handle, has always been this way.) One is a powder brush from Eco Tools. The last is an ELF studio line fan brush.

$15 plus shipping NYX lot

Used several times (though not all colors are touched) NYX nude on nude palette.
Slide on glide on eyepencil (swatched) in Jewel. NYX lipgloss in Nude Peach (NEW), Frosted Beige (1x) and Tea Rose.

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