My Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 Makes Beauty Blogging Easier

The Lenovo YOGA Tablet 2 was created by Lenovo’s product engineer, Ashton Kutcher. I love the unique and versatile features my YOGA tablet has. I can use one hand, which offers a comfortable, ergonomic hold. To watch videos, or work, I can use the kickstand. It boasts front facing speakers and integrated subwoofers. If I’m working on a blog post or sending emails, I can pull out the kickstand and lay the tablet down for a comfortable typing angle. You can also straighten the kickstand, and hang the YOGA anywhere you have a hook. That’s a really functional, and fun feature! Another unique feature is the projector capability. You can actually project up to a 50 inch display on the wall or ceiling.

Since part of my job is testing and reviewing the latest makeup trends, I spend a lot of my time playing with makeup and nail polish. I love to set up my Lenovo YOGA Tablet 2 and put on my fellow beauty blogging friends YouTube channels. I can create new makeup looks, and try different manicure techniques while I have YouTube tutorials on. Laura always has great tutorials!


While I’m brainstorming manicure ideas, I browse Pinterest for inspiration! I’ve also been reorganizing my Pinterest boards, and deleting some old pins. I love the kickstand on my Lenovo YOGA Tablet 2. As you can see, I have a small desk, and my YOGA takes up barely any room. Good, more room for nail polish and lipsticks!

My YOGA tablet has a 15 hour battery life, so I don’t worry about having to charge it often. You’ll often find me editing photos or browsing Sephora online from a comfortable spot on the couch. The large screen makes it easy to edit photos for the blog. Check out the Lenovo Tastemakers to see how my fellow bloggers use their YOGAs!

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  • Heather

    This is so awesome, I attempt to do this with my phone but everyone keeps calling and texting me and I get annoyed heheh. You know I hear that CrazyBeautifulMakeup girl has some pretty good videos you should watch ;) Love that coffee mug heheh!