Olfactif Perfume - Monthly Niche Perfume Review

Have you heard about the newest monthly subscription box? This is my kind of box! It’s a subscription service that just started. You will receive 3 niche perfume samples a month, with the option to buy a bottle. If you choose to purchase a bottle of one of the three monthly scents, you will receive a credit in the amount of that month’s sample collection. Not bad at all!

The first month was offered free(seriously!) but hereafter, it will be $18 for the monthly sampler. I’ve found the website to be wonderfully informative and easy to use. I absolutely adore the interviews with the scent artists! I love to get to know the “nose” behind the scents!!

The customer service is fabulous as well! I’m sure Olfactif is going to be a huge hit in the perfume world!

I love niche perfumes. I used to be *such* a perfume snob, only wearing off beat fragrances. Things change, and I’m much more open minded now. If a scent  makes me happy (no matter what it is) I will wear it. Basically, niche perfumery is focused more on creativity and art of fragrance/scent, as opposed to mass production perfumes. Niche perfumes in my experience always tell a story. They have also taught me about my body chemistry, and how to appreciate the notes separately, as well as the loveliness of the whole scent, and how the notes combine together.


In the first months box, which was titled “Vignettes of Spring”, the scents were The Soft Lawn from Imaginary Authors, Fig Tree from Sonoma Scent Studio, and Voleur de Roses from L’Artisan Parfumeur. I’m super excited to test and review these. I’m already looking forward to next months box as well!


Have you tried any fabulous niche perfumes? I’d love to hear about your experiences!

Enjoy this picture of my sweet kitten, Oliver, who helps me with the mail and occasionally modeling.




7 thoughts on “Olfactif Perfume - Monthly Niche Perfume Review

  1. Cute kitty!!! =D
    Now, after reading your review, I wish to try this service. I like perfumes too, only when they smell really good ;)

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