Pink MahogHany Fragrances


Pink MahogHany Fragrance is a niche luxury perfume line that’s phthalate-free for sensitive noses. Each batch is handmade in small batches with the best ingredients.

The Pink MahogHany line currently consists of 4 fragrances. Here’s what perfumista and creator, Chavalia, says about her beautiful works of art.

Sunrise - For the sassy woman who’s so over traditional citrus orange scents. Fresh. Invigorating. Soft. Feminine. Sultry. Warm.

Ethereal Transluscence - With aromatic notes of rosemary and crisp lemon, this shared fragrance is powerful enough for a guy but not so overwhelming that a woman with style can’t pull off comfortably.

SignaTure - Signature shared fragrance with hints of mint, citruses and “green” notes

French Cuffs - For the dapper man who fancies himself a trip to France - in a bottle. Think fedora and cuff-links. For the man with class, style and has somewhere important to be. Smoky and sweet - yet dry, woody and handsome.

Here’s my thoughts after testing each scent a few times.

Sunrise - starts as a sharp and pungent citrus that’s also somewhat green smelling. Warms to a resinous sweet and fruity scent that strikes me as calming and soothing. This is my favorite fragrance of the bunch, and the one that smells most feminine to me.

Ethereal Translucence - opens herbal and zesty, with a hint of woods. This becomes a fuzzy soft skin scent, and I get a hint of lavender or something herbal. After dry down this scent becomes cedary and warm. I LOVE this for hubby!

SignaTure - wet, it gives off a blast of mint and green and woody. The scent remains strong and has the best throw off the four scents. I like this, but it feels a bit masculine for my taste.

French Cuffs - This is definitely a masculine scent in my opinion. I get a strong dirt (dry soil almost) note, which sweetens quickly into a scent that’s watery and smooth. This is a great scent on my hubby!

I love trying unique niche fragrances, because I always am able to find something new and different. It’s a completely different experience than department store fragrances. If you are sensitive to fragrance, and want to try something unique and natural, I would highly recommend ordering some samples from Pink MahogHany! You can find them on Facebook and Twitter.


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