Rainbow Honey June Mini Mystery Bag

Rainbow Honey June Mini Mystery Bag daydreamingbeauty.comI’m a little late getting this post to you, but better late than never. I’ve been in a bit of a funk for the past couple of months with blogging. I think most of you know I’m healing from Lyme Disease, and as my physical symptoms have gotten better the past couple of years, my neurological symptoms have been getting harder to deal with. Concentrating and forming thoughts (words, blog posts, conversations) is such a struggle right now. Please forgive my lack of good conversation, and I will try to make up for it with pretty pictures.

Now, here’s what I received in my Rainbow Honey June Mini Mystery Bag! Rainbow Honey June Mini Mystery Bag daydreamingbeauty.com

Cuprum Veritas nail lacquer - from the upcoming precious metals collection this is a stunning copper metallic glitter. I can’t wait to try this polish. It’s the perfect fall shade!!

Aqua Cristalina glitter topper - this aqua and holographic glitter topper was inspired by crystal blue waters from around the world.

Thallo Bot nail lacquer - from the Robots Part 2 release, this is a metallic light green summery shade.

Twisted Ice Tea scented top coat - Rainbow Honey’s popular vitamin e enriched scented top coat, part of the Summer Drinks collection.

Islands In The Sky Perfume Mist - the perfume mist is a new product, and a formula that I really like. I find it lasts well on me, most likely because it’s not alcohol based. The scent is a tropical blend of milky coconut, fresh melon, sugarcane and raspberry nectar. It doesn’t have too much melon (which I am NOT a fan of), but it’s not overly coconutty or sweet either. It’s just soft, subtle, sweet fruity goodness. I really like this scent and would happily use it in body lotion and cuticle butter! This can also be used as a scented hair mist.

Clear Scented Soap -  Rainbow Honey sent out a variety of scents, and I received Islands in the Sky. Yay! I love RH soap minis. They are the perfect size for using at the sink. I was my hands frequently (ok, obsessively), and Rainbow Honey always leaves my hands less dry than anti bacterial soap.

What do you think of this month’s selection? Anything you’ll be picking up?

For my NOTD, I used a coat of my favorite white polish, John Russo Oriole Lane, with two coats of Aqua Cristalina glitter topper.

RH aqua cristalina notd daydreamingbeauty.com

  • Natalie Carlson Brown

    I received the same bag. I love the looks of the glitter topper in your swatch! I liked everything but have been subscribing now for a little over a year and cancelled this month only to save a little bit of money. :)