Rainbow Honey Mini Mystery Bag December

Rainbow Honey December Mini mystery bagRainbow Honey really knocked it out of the park this month! This month’s Rainbow Honey Mini Mystery Bag included a new scent, Muscovite. This is a blend of winter scents and holiday sweets, along with the crisp scent of Moscow air. The two new featured shades this month are inspired by fictional characters from Russian literature.
One BIG thing I noticed immediately, is the mini bottles are no longer 4ml, but 7.5ml. Way to go Rainbow Honey!! They continue to listen to their customers suggestions, come up with great new products and scents, and give us a superbly valued subscription box!

Rainbow Honey December mini mystery bag
Here’s what’s included this month:
The Master polish - A gorgeous scarlet red, packed with micro gold and platinum flakes.  

Woland polish - A glitter topper like no other! Packed with a mix of black opal and silver holo glitters, this is the perfect accent for a luxurious New Years mani. Layer or use as an accent.

Muscovite scented top coat, cuticle balm, body lotion and solid perfume.

The scent is sweet and fruity, and the “winter” aspect to me, smells a bit powdery. I wouldn’t say it’s my favorite Rainbow Honey scent by any means, but it’s not bad. Just not my favorite type of scent. I absolutely love receiving the cuticle balm and lotions in my monthly bag. They are the perfect size, and I use them constantly. I would much rather have received a third polish, than the scented top coat. My biggest love of this bag, was the Woland polish. I literally gasped when I saw it. It’s THAT beautiful!! I can’t wait to use this polish! The Master looks more like a deep pink than scarlet, to me. Not a bad thing AT ALL. I haven’t tested this yet either, so stay tuned for swatches!
Rainbow Honey is cruelty free and vegan. You can purchase a monthly mini mystery bag (either single or subscription) for $10 and a full size for $25. The mini bags are free with any Rainbow Honey order over $65.