Review - CoverGirl Clump Crusher mascara

I’ve been testing out Cover Girl’s latest mascara for a few weeks, and I can now highly recommend it!! I purchased mine from CVS for about $8, but I had a coupon and extra bucks rewards. I ended up getting two for just a couple dollars. Gotta love those CVS extra bucks rewards! :) Anyways…..

What I like about this mascara:

It doesn’t flake or smudge
It doesn’t irritate my eyes or contacts
It doesn’t make my lashes look crunchy or dry
It doesn’t clump!!

I tend to put this mascara on first and then layer a volumizing mascara (Mally) over it. I would not expect the CG to give you crazy volumized lashes. In fact, I find it to be a pretty natural looking mascara. It looks a bit like Maybelline Full n Soft on my lashes.

It doesn’t hold a curl, but then again my lashes are super stubborn and I have yet to find a mascara that holds a curl for me!!
I think this is a great drug store choice if you are looking for natural lashes, or a good layering mascara!

In the pic I have 2 coats of CG clump crusher on, no other mascara.

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