Rose Gold nails, classic and feminine.

RCM-Rose-Gold-maniSometimes I like to take a break from my bright nail polishes, step away from the glitter…ok maybe not the glitter…

After my last mani using bright teal, neon purple and two glitters (check it out here), I wanted to do a demure and subtle manicure. My favorite baby pink gel polish is Red Carpet Manicure’s Blase Beauty. It looks beautiful topped with Red Carpet Manicure WOW, which is a gold glitter.
While I am loving this soft toned mani, I’m ready to get back to my brights. :) I have a few Sephora Formula X polishes that I need to swatch and share. You are going to love them!!
Do you prefer bright colors for your tips and toes, or do you go the natural route?

xo Amber

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