Review - Beautifeye Colored Contact lenses

I recently had the pleasure of working with UK’s premiere company for colored and fashion contact lenses. The lenses I chose to test were ColorVue brand, in the shade Glamour Honey. I currently wear lenses for vision correction, so I had no problem with wearing these, with my glasses. First, and perhaps most importantly to me, Beautifeye has fabulous customer service! It was a pleasure conversing with them through the whole process. My lenses shipped from the UK to the US, arriving in just over a week. I also received a contact lens case and cleaning solution.


The lenses fit well and were comfortable to wear. My natural eye color is light blue/gray. I’ve always wanted to try dark eyes! I love the effect these gave me. The color leans more towards an orangey gold color, rather than light brown. I think these lenses are a fun way to express myself, just like my makeup!



ColorVue Glamour Honey lenses from Beautifeye

ColorVue Glamour Honey lenses from Beautifeye



Beautifeye ColorVue Glamour Honey

Beautifeye ColorVue
Glamour Honey

Have you tried colored contacts as an accessory? Do you like the look? I am looking forward to trying different colors!
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xo Amber