CoverGirl and the Hunger Games: Catching Fire

I’m SO thrilled to share these swatches with you! I have been scouring the drugstore for the CoverGirl glosstini nail polishes from the Hunger Games Catching Fire special release for the past month. I found them today and was not disappointed! There is a new flamed out curling mascara, new lipglosses and 4 polishes. There were some of the eyeshadow pencils, but I believe they were not new shades. I picked up 3 of the 4 polishes. They were actually on sale at my Walgreens too! The only shade I didn’t get was a yellow-gold shade that I knew my ghostly fair skin wouldn’t do justice.

I did get the mascara and one lip gloss, so I’ll have pics and swatches up soon of those as well. If you haven’t tried the CoverGirl polishes, you need to, stat! The formula is lovely and they have some really unique shades! I found the new Hunger Games shades to be a perfect formula, not too thick, and packed with shimmer. My swatches are done with 2 coats plus top coat. Onto the sparkly gorgeous-ness of the new nail polishes!

Seared Bronze is a coppery with gold and green shimmer.
Rogue Red is a blue based red crelly with tons of gold shimmer. This makes it look like a pumpkin shade in most lights.
Pyro Pink is a light cranberry with pink, gold and light green shimmer.

I have seen swatches of additional colors from the Hunger Games collections. I can’t wait to find the additional shades! This is such a pretty nail polish collection! Have you tried anything new from the drugstore lately?

xo Amber