Blogging. Where do I fit in?

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately, about my blog. Mostly, what type of blog I want to work to have, where my blog is going. That sort of thing.

Neither my blog nor myself “fit” into a specific category. I’m not sure why I’m stressing about that, but I am. Or, I was.

Why on earth do I need to categorize my blog or myself?! I blog for me, because I like the outlet(and I get tired of talking to the kittens while the kids and hubby are gone all day #crazycatlady) and because I love to talk/read/learn about all things beauty/nails/skincare/hair/makeup. My hub is an awesome listener and he always humors me when I’m talking beauty, but I don’t have anyone in the “real world” that will want to know what’s on my nails everyday. Or what shadows from my Urban Decay palettes I used in today’s FOTD. Or that LE MAC eyeliner I’m obsessed with. You get the picture.


I’m Amber, a 34 year old wife, Mom to 5, chronic Lyme disease fighter, depression and anxiety warrior, food allergy battling girl that loves to talk about all things beautiful. If I look good, I feel better.

That’s important to me. My blog is my escape from the everyday. MY everyday. Daydreaming beauty….you know, because I like to daydream about fluffy stuff. Sometimes life is stressful, painful, heart wrenching, depressing…

My blog is a little safe place for me, and when I come here I can forget, temporarily, about the things I don’t want to think about or feel.


So now that I have opened up about me, I’d love to hear from others. About anything. From nail polish and makeup, to depression and anxiety. Anything.


Post here, email me at or find me on twitter @daydream_beauty


Thanks for listening!

xo Amber