Bath and Body Works - true blue spa

Bath and Body Works true blue spa

Bath and Body Works
true blue spa

I recently had some coupons and freebies from Bath and Body Works. Since I have been all about doing my nails lately, and my hands are so super dry and uncomfortable, I snagged a few beauties from the True Blue Spa line.

I got the 60 second manicure hand scrub, Paraffin super softening hand lotion and raspberry mojito cream gel. The hand scrub is a 5oz jar that I can imagine will last me for a while. It’s a sugar scrub, in a gel like base. Glycerin and shea butter are high on the list of ingredients.  My skin loves both of these. This is a really pampering treat to use on my hands. They were so soft after! Its scent is citrusy and light. I used the hand lotion after drying. I’ve used this paraffin lotion before, and I love it! It’s very moisturizing and rich, without being greasy.It has olive, apricot and avacado oils, along with shea butter. The scent is light and pleasant, citrusy to my nose.

The raspberry mojito cream gel is quite a unique product! It feels very lightweight, and almost sticky when you first apply. it. It sinks in immediately and there’s no more tackiness! It smells divine, like a raspberry mojito! The scent is light and not overwhelming at all. My skin stayed suprisingly soft and moisturized all day with this. My skin is very dry, and I was pleasantly surprised that this worked so well!

I’d highly recommend the Bath and Body Works true blue spa for a pampering mani/pedi at home! :)

I would love to see Bath and Body Works come out with a cuticle butter or two!!

Have you tried anything from the true blue spa line? What did you think?



super softening hand lotion

super softening hand lotion


Raspberry Mojito cream gel

Raspberry Mojito
cream gel