Giveaway time!! Win an Olfactif niche perfume box!

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Happy Wednesday my loves! I’m thrilled for today’s giveaway! If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you know my love of perfume runs deep. My Olfactif monthly niche perfume sampler box is such a highlight! For me, and the cats as well!


Olfactif is a unique way to test and experience unique fragrances that you might not otherwise have a chance to. You get 3 vials of niche fragrance per box, information about the scents, and the artists behind the scent. I love to learn about perfume and how it was created!

What’s really great about this giveaway (other than winning!) is that you can choose which box you’d like! I have scents and descriptions here, and you can find them at Olfacif as well. For this giveaway, please have a look at the scents and leave a blog post comment with which month you choose.

Thank you again, for all of the support and love!

xo Amber

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