Bombay Bling Parfum by Neela Vermeire Creations

Today’s scent of the day is Bombay Bling  eau de parfum by Neela Vermeire Creations. It’s so stunning, and one of my absolute favorite perfumes. I received a precious vial through my
Olfactif monthly perfume subscription box  earlier this summer. I have been hoarding cherishing it ever since!


The notes in Neela’s Bombay Bling are mango, lychee, blackcurrant, cardamom, cumin, cistus, turkish rose, jasmine sambac, ylang ylang, tuberose, plumeria, gardenia, patchouli, tobacco, sandalwood, cedar and vanilla.


That’s a lot of notes. There are some particularly strong florals in this perfume (I’m looking at you, tuberose, gardenia and plumeria!), yet this scent is more of a softly floral/fruity oriental. It’s a masterpiece, and I fall more in love with Bombay Bling each time I wear it!  I consider it to have average (perfect, in my opinion, not too strong, nor too weak) sillage. The lasting power is amazing. A spray will keep my skin scented all day.


Bombay Bling opens with a stunningly smooth and sensual spice. A little fruity, comforting and sultry at the same time. On me, it’s a very sexy scent that’s easy to wear. I always get compliments when I wear Bombay Bling! I’d love to know if you’ve tried Neela Vermeire Creations! This is my first, but I’d love to try more!
If you have the chance to try any of the perfumes from Neela Vermeire Creations, don’t hesitate! Bombay Bling should be first on your list!

Please click below to share, and let me know in the comments what perfumes you’ve been loving on lately!

xo Amber

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Imaginary Authors “The Soft Lawn” Perfume Review

imaginary authors perfume "the soft lawn"

Imaginary Authors Perfume “The Soft Lawn” review

Perfumer Josh Meyer has quite an imagination. Imaginary Authors Perfumes are true works of art, combining a story with a scent. It’s such a refreshing idea that is truly unique!

Notes in “The Soft Lawn” are: Linden(lime) Blossom, Laurel and Ivy leaves, Vetiver, Oakmoss, Fresh Tennis Balls and Clay Tennis Court.

I know, it sounds crazy, but believe me, it’s genius! You really can smell the fuzzy tennis balls, and the dry clay court.

linden/lime blossom

Linden Blossom

The Soft lawn opens with green earthiness when it drops on my skin. I imagine I am smelling the oak moss and vetiver notes. Before I know it, it turns sweet and soft as my skin amps the Linden Blossom. I love how Linden Blossom smells on my skin. It’s floral, but not too floral, a little bit refreshing, and becomes a lovely skin scent.

tennis court

the scent of clay courts and fresh tennis balls

The addition of freshly opened fuzzy tennis balls sounds like it would be an odd scent. Believe me when I tell you, it works!! Once the linden blossom retreats a bit, I get a hint of dry clay scent along with the scent of tennis balls. Genius!!

When all is said and done, I have the well blended scent of Linden Blossom, some dry clay from the tennis court, and an earthy, creamy woodiness from the oakmoss and vetiver. It lasts 5+ hours on my skin as well. What an amazing olfactory experience The Soft Lawn is! I am anxious to try more from Imaginary Authors perfumes!

Have you tried The Soft Lawn? Have you ever tried a perfume that had a note that sounded completely weird, and once you tried it you just “got” it? Leave your thoughts in the comments, as I always love to hear from you!

xo Amber

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Strange Invisible Perfumes Review of “Rose with a Broken Neck”

For all my fellow perfume lovers out there, have you toed into the mysterious world of niche perfumes? I can never have enough scents to try. I am fascinated by ingredients, notes, elements, the ART of scent. I love it!! The thrill of finding my new favorite scent is addicting, for me at least. It’s such a pleasure to discover new perfume artisians, and get to know the nose behind the art.

I recently had the pleasure of winning a drawing for a sample of Strange Invisible Perfumes lovely creation called “Rose with a Broken Neck.”

This was my first experience with Strange Invisible Perfumes. All SI Perfumes are certified organic, hydro-distilled essences. They are designed and bottled in California. They are certainly a company I am proud to support!


The notes in this masterpiece are rose, Tahitian vanilla, nutmeg, palo santo, vetiver and white cognac.


Here are my thoughts on Rose with a Broken Neck.

I immediately get a sharp, wet rose upon first dab. It very quickly warms up, and I sense something earthy but not green and not soil either. I would describe the perfume as fuzzy at this point. I get an almost citrus fizziness from it. After about thirty minutes, I get a hint of soil. Not in a bad way whatsoever, just a rich, earthy whiff. Soon, the scent is blended so perfectly together I can imagine all the components swirling together, no specific beginning or end. There is also a hint of watery-ness. This is the scent that stays with me until 3 hours later, at which I have a faded watery rose scent on my wrist. It’s a lovely scent, and I am anxious to try more from
Strange Invisible Perfumes!


Have you tried anything from SI Perfumes? Have you ventured into the world of niche fragrance? I love to talk scent, so let me know your favorites in the comments! :)

Check out Cafleurebon for a wealth of information on perfumes, and great reviews and giveaways!
*item won in a drawing from Cafleurebon

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The Perfumed Court review of Violettes de Toulouse and Mistress

I won a Twitter contest a couple of weeks ago held by The Perfumed Court. If you haven’t heard of them, go check out their website! The Perfumed Court
If you are a lover of fragrance like myself, you WILL be in heaven!!
They offer a huge array of scents from niche perfumes, vintage and designer scents and even hard to find rare gems in sample or decant form.
I’m currently eyeing the coconut sampler pack, which looks decadent!

The Perfumed Court

The Perfumed Court

I was sent two vials to sample. The first scent is from Parfums Berdoues, called Violettes de Toulouse.
The notes in this perfume are bergamot, fruity notes, violet, cyclamen, almond blossom, lily, iris, sandalwood, musk and jasmine.

Out of the vial, it is a blast of watery, chilled violet. It turns quickly into a sugared violet, getting rather mellow and warm. I suspect this is the musk and sandalwood. It starts to get a bit powdery as violet tends to do. For me, the scent doesn’t change much after that. What remains is a soft, skin scent of lightly powdery violet fruity perfume that fades quietly away after about three hours.
While I don’t think this perfume is for me, I am certain if you like violet scents, you will be pleased with this!

Next up I tried Mistress from Jasper Conran. This edp is described as “mysterious” and includes top notes of Ginger, lemongrass, bergamot, citrus and fresh aldehydes. The heart is made up of white lotus, Moroccan Rose and Jasmine Sambac. Base notes are sweet and milky musks, dried fruit, moss, powdery amber and cedar wood.
It sounds like it would be a complex and mysterious scent, doesn’t it?

Unfortunately, this just didn’t wow me. The citrus in the top notes smelled like a mens cologne (not in a bad way, but nothing special). That citrus blast was short lived. It becomes a very soft scent, that faded very quickly. I ended up with a soft fruity sweet smell that was slightly generic. I’m sure this would smell beautiful on someone, but it’s not for me.

I always love trying new scents. Just when I think I have it nailed as to what notes and ingredients will work on my skin, I am proved wrong. I think that’s part of the fun and mystery for me! Have you tried any new perfumes lately? Let me know what your favorite summer (or any season!) scents are in the comments.

xo Amber

Review - Escada Cherry in the Air perfume

I couldn’t wait to try this new Escada edt! I grabbed a couple samples last week at ULTA.

I think this is a perfect spring scent! It’s soft and feminine, light and floral. Two spritzes of the edt lasted 5 hours on me, after that it was barely detectable. Considering it’s a delicate scent, and my skin eats perfume, that’s great lasting power!

According to fragrantica’s website, the top notes are sour cherry and raspberries, middle note is marshmallow and the base is sandalwood. It’s not a complex scent by any means. It’s easy to wear, and I think appropriate in most settings. I think because of it’s simplicity, this one would be a fun scent to layer with other perfumes. I’m thinking Dolce and Gabbana pour femme would be lovely…I’ll try and let you know! :)

I can’t say that its similar to anything in my collection. I’d give this a try if you are looking for a new spring scent! Have you tried any new scents lately?

Update - I tried the Escada perfume layered with Dolce and Gabbana pour femme (2012 edition) yesterday. It was perfect!! I would not compare the two fragrances, however they share a similar note and compliment each other very well! D&G pour femme has top notes of Neroli, Raspberry and Tangerine, a heart of jasmine and orange blossom. The base notes include Marshmallow, Vanilla, Heliotrope and Sandalwood. It’s sweet and sensual, without being cloying. It greatly increased the lasting power of the Escada Cherry in the air.