CoverGirl Pyro Pink and Gelish Make You Blink Pink notd

Sorry not sorry I didn’t get my Nail Files post up on Friday. Better late than never, right?! I was busy stressing about the 6th anniversary of my 29th birthday. Yup, I am getting up there. Can someone please tell me WHY as I age, I am loosing my eyebrows and eyelashes yet finding odd hairs pop up in places like…my chin or finger…or some other weird spot.

If someone wants to get my laser hair removal for my birthday I’m all for it!!
Enough about the weird hair. Yuck. Sorry (not really) if I grossed you out.

Earlier this week I used the gorgeous cranberry shade (Pyro Pink) from my little CoverGirl Hunger games haul. (CLICK TO SEE SWATCHES)
It’s sparkly pink loveliness! Too bad I didn’t put top coat on before bed because it chipped. Guess I had a busy night?? So I took a pic with less than perfect nails…took Pyro Pink off and put on Gelish mini Make You Blink Pink.


Make You Blink Pink is one of my “cheer you up pinks.” I have a lot of pink polishes. Pink is just a color that I can always wear and feel happy with it on my nails. This particular shade is neon, just like a pink highlighter. I LOVE it. And because it’s gel, it’s super glossy and strong. I felt a little down this week, and needed a cheerful color on my tips!

I’m thinking I might add a little bling to it later tonight. If I do, I’ll post pics! I also need to get to Sally Beauty asap to see about the new Gelish mini polishes. There’s a matte top coat that is supposed to be AMAZING, and also some new glitter and textured toppers called “Trends.” If you’ve tried anything from the Trends, please let me know what you think!

I hope you are having a great weekend!

xo Amber

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