Sarabecca Natural Perfume

I’ve recently had the absolute pleasure of working with Ken Grand, the creator of Sarabecca Natural Perfumes. Ken also founded Alba Botanica, and is the current owner and president of Earth Science Naturals. More on that later, trust me, you will love Earth Science!!

Sarabecca is an all natural perfume comprised of essential oils and natural fragrance essences. Ken’s perfumes are four years in the making, and named after his daughters, Sara and Rebecca. Now, before I even tested Sarabecca, I loved the concept and Ken’s passion for his vision. In this day and age, I think that speaks so much about you. Ken and his wife Rebecca run Sarabecca Natural Perfume as an artisan craft business. They have no desire to go mass market, in fact he writes on his blog that they wish to keep Sarabecca Perfume intimate, sincere and artistic. I certainly admire their vision!


Here are the perfume descriptions from Sarabecca’s website:

Sarabecca Day - “Fresh white and floral blend with subtle notes of jasmine, tuberose and muget. Delicate, charming, pure and romantic.”

Sarabecca Night - “Alluring blend of vetivert, patchouli and amber, with highlights of lemon, bergamot, sage and ginger.


Sarabecca Bench



Both scents are captivating. I am in love with both Sarabecca perfumes! Please check out this wonderful company for yourself. I would love to know your thoughts when you do!

Sarabecca has a blog with great articles as well! Find Sarabecca here Sarabecca Natural Perfume

xo Amber


*samples provided for my 100% honest review