Pink MahogHany Fragrances


Pink MahogHany Fragrance is a niche luxury perfume line that’s phthalate-free for sensitive noses. Each batch is handmade in small batches with the best ingredients.

The Pink MahogHany line currently consists of 4 fragrances. Here’s what perfumista and creator, Chavalia, says about her beautiful works of art.

Sunrise - For the sassy woman who’s so over traditional citrus orange scents. Fresh. Invigorating. Soft. Feminine. Sultry. Warm.

Ethereal Transluscence - With aromatic notes of rosemary and crisp lemon, this shared fragrance is powerful enough for a guy but not so overwhelming that a woman with style can’t pull off comfortably.

SignaTure - Signature shared fragrance with hints of mint, citruses and “green” notes

French Cuffs - For the dapper man who fancies himself a trip to France - in a bottle. Think fedora and cuff-links. For the man with class, style and has somewhere important to be. Smoky and sweet - yet dry, woody and handsome.

Here’s my thoughts after testing each scent a few times.

Sunrise - starts as a sharp and pungent citrus that’s also somewhat green smelling. Warms to a resinous sweet and fruity scent that strikes me as calming and soothing. This is my favorite fragrance of the bunch, and the one that smells most feminine to me.

Ethereal Translucence - opens herbal and zesty, with a hint of woods. This becomes a fuzzy soft skin scent, and I get a hint of lavender or something herbal. After dry down this scent becomes cedary and warm. I LOVE this for hubby!

SignaTure - wet, it gives off a blast of mint and green and woody. The scent remains strong and has the best throw off the four scents. I like this, but it feels a bit masculine for my taste.

French Cuffs - This is definitely a masculine scent in my opinion. I get a strong dirt (dry soil almost) note, which sweetens quickly into a scent that’s watery and smooth. This is a great scent on my hubby!

I love trying unique niche fragrances, because I always am able to find something new and different. It’s a completely different experience than department store fragrances. If you are sensitive to fragrance, and want to try something unique and natural, I would highly recommend ordering some samples from Pink MahogHany! You can find them on Facebook and Twitter.

Unique Holiday Gift Ideas for the Scent Obsessed

I have a few unique Holiday gift ideas for the lovers of scent in your life! My first suggestion will come as no surprise to those that read my blog regularly. An Olfactif subscription would be a lovely gift to give or receive! Olfactif is a monthly niche perfume subscription service.


Each month you will receive three unique scents chosen by the very talented scent lovers at Olfactif. The Olfactif holiday shop has gift subscriptions, gift cards, and mens and womens bestseller samplers. This is definitely a gift that keeps on giving throughout the year!

Up next is a brand that is new to me, and I am just loving their candles! Rive Sud Interior is based in Cannes, France and is the creation of French home designer, Christine Bodino and perfume creator, Delphine Thierry.
From Rive Sud Interior: Like a signature that finalizes her private home designs, Christine Bodino shares her very exceptional world with us through a new “Rive Sud Interior” line of perfumed candles with fragrances that are heady and mysterious, sensuous and ephemeral.

Elegance and refinement, minimalism and elitism correspond to her instinctive, passionate nature and inspired universe.heir nose: Delphine Thierry, a talented and experienced perfume creator. The encounter was a brilliant success, rich in complicity and trust; a good omen for a long-term collaboration and the olfactory creations to come.
Taking advantage of the finest laboratories in the nearby city of Grasse, this first limited edition of perfumed candles is made from carefully developed rare and natural ingredients. The constituents combine the sophistication of olfactory harmonies with the ecological requirements of plant-based wax.
Each fragrance tells a story, evokes memories, creates sensations, awakens feelings and leads us towards new and unexpected experiences…

The Rive Sud Interior line has four scents thus far. Via Della Basilica, the candle I am testing, is scented with black pepper, myrrh and incense. It sounds like it would be a powerful scent, yet I find it extremely comforting and relaxing. Rosewood contains cinnamum, guiac and rosewood. Acqua di Latte contains star anise, angelica and white musks (next on my list to try!). The final scent is Cap Ferrat les Pins, containing sage, nutmeg, pine and papyrus.

I can’t recommend Sarabecca Natural Perfumes in Day and Night highly enough! You can see my review here. Each 50ml bottle retails for $78 normally. This holiday season, Sarabecca is offering both bottles in a set for $130. The scents layer beautifully, so I would grab this special offer while you can!


Last, but certainly not least, I’ve recently discovered Pour le Monde, or For the World, a new all natural fragrance company that donates a minimum of 5% to charity for each bottle sold. There are three fragrances, and each one benefits a different charity. The scents and who they benefit:
Envision: for the National MS Society whose mission is to envision a world free of MS.
Together: benefitting the Cancer Support Community so no one faces cancer alone®.
Empower: supporting Guiding Eyes for the Blind which provides dogs that empower the visually impaired and children with autism.

Envision fragrance notes: lavender, Italian bergamot, pink peppercorn, Brazilian orange, Persian lime, patchouli, mixed woods and pure Madagascar vanilla
Together fragrance notes: freesia, jasmine, violet, woodsy back notes
Empower fragrance notes: grapefruit, lemon, mandarin, spearmint, lemongrass, basil and a dry down of subtle woods
Pour le Monde fragrances are certified and recognized by the following organizations:
-Natural Products Association
-Leaping Bunny (animal cruelty free)
-Peta Beauty without Bunnies
-Natural Ingredient Resource Center
-Forest Stewardship Council

You can purchase Pour le Monde Perfumes for $95 per 1.7fl oz bottle.

I’m curious if you have any other ideas for unique fragrance gifts this holiday season. I’d love to hear in the comments below! Thanks for reading!
xo Amber

*some items provided for review*

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Olfactif Perfume - Monthly Niche Perfume Review

Have you heard about the newest monthly subscription box? This is my kind of box! It’s a subscription service that just started. You will receive 3 niche perfume samples a month, with the option to buy a bottle. If you choose to purchase a bottle of one of the three monthly scents, you will receive a credit in the amount of that month’s sample collection. Not bad at all!

The first month was offered free(seriously!) but hereafter, it will be $18 for the monthly sampler. I’ve found the website to be wonderfully informative and easy to use. I absolutely adore the interviews with the scent artists! I love to get to know the “nose” behind the scents!!

The customer service is fabulous as well! I’m sure Olfactif is going to be a huge hit in the perfume world!

I love niche perfumes. I used to be *such* a perfume snob, only wearing off beat fragrances. Things change, and I’m much more open minded now. If a scent  makes me happy (no matter what it is) I will wear it. Basically, niche perfumery is focused more on creativity and art of fragrance/scent, as opposed to mass production perfumes. Niche perfumes in my experience always tell a story. They have also taught me about my body chemistry, and how to appreciate the notes separately, as well as the loveliness of the whole scent, and how the notes combine together.


In the first months box, which was titled “Vignettes of Spring”, the scents were The Soft Lawn from Imaginary Authors, Fig Tree from Sonoma Scent Studio, and Voleur de Roses from L’Artisan Parfumeur. I’m super excited to test and review these. I’m already looking forward to next months box as well!


Have you tried any fabulous niche perfumes? I’d love to hear about your experiences!

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