Revlon Super Lustrous Berry Couture swatches

I was excited when I saw a post on Vanity Rouge about new Revlon Super Lustrous lipstick shades. Revlon makes fabulous, affordable and on trend lip products that I almost always love!


Berry Couture went on nicely, but was surprisingly light in color. In my swatch pics, I applied one stroke like normal, and the other swatch is a heavy and built up layering of Berry Couture. The lipstick is smooth going on, but the moisture really didn’t last for me. I was left with a light stain of berry on my lips that lasted several hours.

Revlon Super Lustrous        Berry Couture

Revlon Super Lustrous
Berry Couture

I think this lipstick would be best layered with a gloss for moisture, pigment and longevity. Have you tried any of the new Revlon Super Lustrous lipsticks or glosses? I love the new lip glosses! I have swatches here
Revlon Super Lustrous Gloss