Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Body Butter - a sweet fall treat for skin!


I was feeling a little sad during my last Trader Joe’s shopping trip. They have so many delicious looking pumpkin treats this year! Alas, none of them are safe for my finicky stomach. I stumbled on a tub of Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Body Butter, which is a limited edition item. You get an 8 oz tub for $4.99, which I think is an amazing deal for a vegan, high quality body butter!

I left the scent up to chance as the packaging was sealed with plastic. I was hoping that it wouldn’t have an overwhelming cinnamon scent, as so many pumpkin scents do. I love cinnamon, but in candles and body products it can mean an instant headache for me.

I’m happy to report the scent is a soft pumpkin/apple scent. If you are familiar with BPAL’s Pumpkin Patch scents from a few years ago, it reminds me of one that I used to have. I can’t remember which one it was, but I think it was from ’06 or ’07. The texture of the body butter is pretty amazing too! It’s more of a whipped souffle than a heavy body butter. Not that I mind a good, oily body butter, but this is different! I didn’t have to work at all to get the butter to disappear into my dry skin.


The scent doesn’t linger long, I’d say maybe an hour or so. One other thing I liked about this is the packaging. It has a flip top lid, rather than a screw on. It’s a just a little difference, but a great one! No fumbling with the cap when you have body butter on your hands!

Have you tried Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Butter? Let me know what body products you are loving this season!

xo Amber